“…nosy, eh?”
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“Hey there!  I’m Nia!”

In 2015 I quit my teaching job in London, chopped up my Oystercard and moved back to my hometown of Cardiff after 5 years living up in the big smoke.  I didn’t exactly hate teaching, but I knew deep down in my gut that it wasn’t what I wanted to do.  I realised that somewhere along the way I’d kind of lost my mojo, and so set out on a quest to get it back.  I created The Cardiff Cwtch as my own little plot of the internet where I could scrapbook my new/old life over the bridge in Wales, but fast forward a few years and it’s blossomed into something much bigger.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out some of my favourite posts here.

A little bit more about me

If you hadn’t already guessed, I LOVE FOOD.  I’m happiest when I’m either making a mess of the kitchen or stopping for a snack when I’m out and about.  Hot dogs (the filthier the better!), cinnamon buns and doughnuts are my absolute faves.  I’m married to a beautiful, bearded Londoner who I fell in love with at University in Swansea, and in 2020, after two consecutive miscarriages we welcomed our little Elsie into the world.  I’m a writer by trade; I’m always writing something whether that’s blog posts, short stories or long form bodice rippers.  Speaking of which; I’m a huge History nerd, my bookshelves are spilling over with Historical Biographies of badass women.  You’ll never catch me without painted nails (chipped, yes – naked, never).  I’m a telly addict; I’ve watched almost every historical drama out there, and I’m always dropping quotes from classic British comedies like Blackadder and The IT Crowd into everyday conversation.

I’m also absolutely mad for weird shirts. I’ve got a whole collection of patterned shirts from stripes to spots, silk shirts to pyjama shirts, naked lady prints to galaxy prints – you name it, I’ve either got it already or want it.

If you’re interested in learning more about my blogging journey you can read an interview I did with Yasmin, founder of The Wonders Of, here.

What does “Cwtch” mean?

Cwtch (pron: “C-uh-tch”) is a funny Welsh word that has no literal translation and can mean one of several things.  It can be a cuddle, a warm and safe place, or it can be used to describe feeling cosy. 🙂

What kind of dog is Bungle?

Bungle is a Golden Retriever and although goldens are well-known for being friendly, Bungle takes the biscuit (literally, sometimes…)!  He LOVES people and other dogs (even the ones that don’t like him!) more than anything else, and is a bulldozing bundle of fluff and trouble.  He’s allergic to chicken, goes mad for cheese and tuna and even has his own Instagram account.