Cheat’s Mince Pies

thecardiffcwtch - Cheat's Mince Pies
A block of puff pastry, a rolling pin, some cutters , mincemeat (spiked with a generous glug of Courvoissier…), and egg wash is all you need!

Yesterday while hubs was laid up with the dreaded winter vomit virus, I made Mince Pies with my mum.  I’ve got to say, when it comes to Mince Pies I’m a bit of a snob.  You’d never catch me shoving a box of shop bought pies into my basket, with their cardboard pastry and gloopy mince. They’re just nowhere near as good as my mum’s batch straight out of the oven, which are so quick and easy to make!

thecardiffcwtch - Cheat's Mince Pies
We made a few Mince Pasties with the extra pastry.

The best thing about doing it yourself is the smell when these lil’ beauts are cooking. You’ll never buy them in a box again (No offence Mr Kipling).

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