Sully Island

Did you know that the Penarth RNLI once nicknamed summer the ‘Sully Season’ because of the number of people wandering out to the island across the rocky causeway only to get marooned by the tide?  Saying that, I wouldn’t mind being marooned on Sully Island during the summer; I can imagine camping over there with plenty of food a fire and blankets with nothing but the sound of the waves on the rocks… but I’m sure the RNLI would say otherwise… meh.

These days there’s a nifty lil traffic light system installed near the beach warning walkers when it’s safe to head out across the causeway, and when it’s not.  We arrived a whole six hours before marooned o’clock, so we walked straight past the very serious warning signs and out onto the causeway.

We crunched and popped our way over beds of fresh seaweed…
…and waded through cloudy rock pools.
On the pebble beach we came across the slimy skeleton of an old shipwreck.  (Sully Island used to be the base for Alfredo de Marisco – the Night Hawk, a thirteenth century smuggler) 🙂

Details: I’ve been wearing this cosy H&M jumper to death recently, as well as this lovely sea-glass style necklace from Old Farmhouse Jewellery. (Parka, old from Only.  Wellies from ASOS)

I bet Sully Island would be a great place to hunt for buried treasure.  We picked up a couple of quartz stones and some shells, but I bet there are more interesting things lurking somewhere under the rocks… 🙂

After an hour or so of adventuring, we ambled back over the causeway and – feeling a bit cold and windswept – ducked into The Captain’s Wife for something warm.  There was a lovely roaring fire, candles and lots of families enjoying Sunday lunch.
We only had time for a cup of hot chocolate and a packet of crisps, but the main menu looked really good.

Anyone ever been marooned on Sully Island?

5 replies on “Sully Island”

I’ve camped on the island many times. You should ideally contact the coastguard to tell them or a well meaning member of the public might see people on the island and think the worst. Bring plenty of supplies like you said, water and food. You may have noticed there is no firewood there. Bring that too!

Also – leave no trace! People leave rubbish there. Urgh 😦


Yes, I noticed that there was a lot of rubbish lying around. Typical camp site junk 😦

I’d love to try it but I’d have to convince some friends to join. I don’t fancy going it alone!


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