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Home Sweet Home

Phew!  The past week has been a total whirlwind; I’ve made cups of tea for more builders and handymen than for myself (that’s saying something – y’all know I’m a confirmed tea swigger), seen more cardboard boxes and packing paper than I ever have in my entire life and now own all the house catalogues.  I mean it.  Every.  Single.  One.  Feel free to test me on the IKEA brochure, I know it page for page.

It’s been exhausting, but it’s also been incredibly exciting.  When all the boxes arrived in the lounge after four months sat in storage, the thought of emptying them and finding a place for everything was about as appealing as a shotgun to the face… but as soon as we started unwrapping things – an epic game of pass the parcel – and favourite mugs, books and ornaments started reappearing from the void it all became worthwhile 🙂

In the space of a weekend we went from empty, echoing rooms full of boxes and without carpets to looking a little more like home.  We have carpets now and most of the boxes are gone (we were ripping up carpet rolls and planks of cardboard at gone 10pm one night because we were worried that the bin men wouldn’t take a city of boxes from the curb… that was not fun!) – we’re still looking a little rough around the edges though.  No curtains – so packing paper will just have to do…!  We also have no TV or internet yet… so it’s back to the dark ages for a couple of weeks, and we have no bed so our mattress is on the floor.
We popped to IKEA and bought one of their Strandmon chairs and footstools – which is our new favourite piece of furniture.
We went from a tiny cupboard kitchen to one with plenty of space for new kitchen things – like this soup bowl with a handle from John Lewis, which I love!

Wire Fairy Lights are making boring corners seem more homely, and my brother painted us a house portrait as a moving in gift 🙂
Sunny’s Mum, Dad and sister came to visit us for Easter Weekend.  We ate lots and got drenched in a sudden hail storm on Barry Island.
I bought a Palm Tree for the hallway and annoyed Sunny by decorating it like a Christmas tree…. but I like it 🙂

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