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New Neighbours

My brother’s birthday and mine are a day apart.  3 years and a day apart.  Growing up those two days kind of automatically seemed to roll into one great big brother sister celebration.  Josh went first, then we did the whole thing a day later for me.  We got used to sharing and doing things consecutively.  We got part time jobs at Morrison’s one after the other, we both left home in the space of a week one September, so it only seemed natural that buying houses followed the same ol’ shotgun routine. 🙂

Last weekend my (not so little) brother celebrated buying his first house with his girlfriend, only a few doors down from my first house!

I made a batch of very stodgy and sickly cupcakes to celebrate…
We drank Prosecco with shots of St Germain (so nice!).

For Christmas I bought The House Rules: How to Survive Living Together by Francesca Leung – a book you can fill in yourself to prevent the typical arguments couples face when moving in together.  It’s got everything, from bedtimes to how coffee and tea should be made.  (A bit like Sheldon’s Roommate Agreement from the Big Bang Theory in book form) 🙂  Such a fun book!

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