International Food & Drink Festival

Hands down one of my favourite things about summer is going to the International Food Festival in Cardiff Bay.  I’m not saying that I salivate for it every year and starve myself the day before hand to make room for all the food… but yeah, I kinda do.  Going to this year’s festival was extra special; not only was it my first back living in the ‘Diff, but it was also my Mum’s birthday – which meant we could be extra indulgent.  Not that it’s difficult, with the smell of barbecue, paella, burgers, sausages and welsh cakes griddling away being conveniently wafted in your directions by the wind coming in off the Bay, you just can’t help yourself! 😉

Joe’s is practically a family tradition for us – we can’t see that Joe’s sign and not have an ice-cream 🙂  I’d recommend the Welsh Cake flavour if you’re into chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream – while my Dad enjoyed Key lime.  Best ice cream in Wales (and to us, probably the world).

Don’t forget to stop by Perfick Pork for a bit of sausage.  My Dad was taken with their Bubble and Squeak sausages and bought a couple of packs, but definitely give the Strawberry Jam and Black Pudding a go if you’re there!  Yum!

Also worth a look while you’re around; Gilly’s, whose Apple Balsamic Vinegar is off the charts lush, and also – a firm favourite with my brother and I ever since we were kids – The Fudge Box. Speaking of which, I’m off to sit in front of the telly with my box of fudge and a cup of tea.  Hwyl! 🙂


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