Donut Sugar Cookies

Okay, they’re supposed to look like donut-shaped sugar cookies, but looking back I think you’d more accurately call them homemade party rings.  Anyway, whatever you want to call them they’re far easier to whip up than you’d think, and definitely look cute on a plate with a cup of tea 🙂

I used this old tried and tested recipe to make the dough, but halved the ingredients as otherwise it makes a massive batch.  I cut out rounds using an overturned glass (no need for fancy cutters!) and then baked them in the oven for no more than 15 minutes (watch out, they burn really easily!).  I created the donut shape by using the spout end of a icing bag, then rolled out some white icing and used a smaller glass and the spout to cut the icing shape.  Brushing a little water over the bare cookies helps the icing to stick, and then I decorated with hundreds and thousands.  Easy!

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