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3 Years (+8)

Today I’m celebrating being hitched to my best friend for three whole years.  Three years doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but when you tack on the eight years we were together for before we skipped the broom then we’re talking just over a decade in total.  The first three years of our marriage were very much a baptism of fire; in a very short space of time we lost a very dear friend of ours (our maid of honour) to cancer and two grandparents – but we’re still here, and still very much the silly nineteen-year-olds who went for a 2am walk along Swansea Beach on a whim and then barely a month later became inseparable. (Just minus the pink hair and with an added glorious beard…)   🙂

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Thanks! 🙂 Congratulations on the wedding! I remember running around like crazy in that last week trying to make sure everything was ready. The day itself flies by so quickly though, typically! Enjoy every minute 🙂

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