Barry Island Firework Fiesta

I haven’t been to a proper Bonfire Night in years.  To be completely honest, I’m not the biggest fan of fireworks (I mean I like them, but they’re loud and I’m terrified of getting hit in the face by one, okay?) and when the 5th of November swings around I can usually be found in the warmth slobbing on the sofa in my comfiest pajamas hugging a hot drink and whinging that all that banging outside is interrupting whatever I’m trying to watch on telly.  This year though, when Sunny suggested we actually do something for a change, we broke up with boring and spent Bonfire Night on Barry Island watching the Firework Fiesta.  It was such a colourful (but cold!) night, especially with all the funfair lights 🙂

The fireworks were all set off from the headland so everyone had a great view whether they were on the beach, on the promenade or tucked away in one of the beach huts.  The lights reflected off of the water and it was such a clear night even the moon joined in!

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