Far Away

Ponta de São Lourençao

On one of our last days in Madeira, we decided to drive to the eastern tip of the island.  Ponta de São Lourençao is a craggy peninsula jutting out into the Atlantic, flanked by islets and white water.  It’s a strange place; when you set out from the car park and walk between huge, red rocks it looks a little bit like somewhere in California or Arizona, and then you turn a corner and peer over the cliffs and you could be in Wales or Cornwall.  It’s a mish-mash of textures and colours, which only makes it all the more photogenic, I guess!   You can walk all the way to the tip (8 kilometers), but we gave up half way.  We’d tired ourselves out from walking up Pico Ruivo and the surface of the trail wasn’t the easiest the walk on.  Yeah, yeah!  Excuses, excuses!  😉

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I was the same – I’d never even considered going to Madeira, and the only reason we went really was because we couldn’t go anywhere else. But we fell in love with it, it’s such a beautiful place! 🙂


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