The Champions League Final comes to Cardiff

How amazing was the atmosphere in Cardiff over the weekend?  It has to be said, I’m not football’s biggest fan (I tend to eyeroll every time Sunny demands that I “watch this amazing goal!”) – but I can appreciate the buzz it creates when a big match comes to town.  On Saturday afternoon we walked across the barrage to the fanzone down The Bay and had so much fun mingling with the fans and enjoying the pre-game atmosphere 🙂  (Bungle had the most fun, he was a big hit with the Juventus fans..!)

There was plenty to do (watch a couple of friendly games on the floating pitch, score a goal, see the trophy, EAT…); the best thing we did was this photo.  Bungle’s getting so much heavier now – but he was just about light enough to be held up for long enough to have this picture taken!

We stopped in Eli Jenkins for a drink and a hotdog on their football themed tables outside 🙂

Mingled with the fans…
Then we took the Aquabus back to Penarth and went home to watch the game.  On the way these armed police whizzed alongside the boat and playfully accused the kids on board of being pirates 🙂  The police (and organisers) clearly did a bang up job of keeping everyone safe and happy.

I’m still not a football fan, but proud of the city and everyone involved in putting on a great event 🙂

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The atmosphere must have been quite something, given it was such a major event! I love the photo of the Real Madrid team with Bungle’s face 🙂 I don’t tend to watch the Premiership, but when events like the World Cup or the Euros are on, I can’t help but watch all the matches (even those between teams I don’t even know anything about). There’s something addictive about major tournaments that I can’t quite put my finger on!

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