Six Things I Learned in Six Months of Blogging

It’s been six whole months since I moved into this lil’ corner of the internet, something that just happened to coincide with a real life move into a real life house.  And as it turns out the whole “moving in” thing is actually a tidy little metaphor for anyone who decides on a whim to stake their claim in that particular neighbourhood of the internet.

Starting a blog is daunting at first.  It takes a while to figure how everything’s going to look and where it’s all going to go.  Formatting layouts is like the flat-pack furniture of the online world and you tear your hair out as you try over and over again to figure it all out.  Then, when you’re all moved in you peek over the fence and get a little bit jealous when you find that the neighbours have done something altogether brave and brilliant with their own patch and then stress over what they’ll think about you and yours.

Okay, I’ve only been a resident of the blogosphere for six months (not a huge amount of time, yes…), but they’ve been a great six months.  I went to my first event, turns out the neighbours are some of the loveliest peeps you’re ever going to meet, and I even got a mention as part of Blogosphere Magazine’s #InTheSpotlight for issue 9 (What! How?!).  I’ve made mistakes, but I’ve learned a lot too.

So here’s Six Things I Learned in the first Six Months of Blogging…

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100 ideas to beat Blogger’s Block

You know how it goes; some weeks you’re spilling over with ideas and then others… meh, you’re running on empty.  Inspiration is a fickle thing; you can’t bottle it and it comes and goes like the family cat – on top of you one minute, then off prowling the neighbourhood the next.  Blogger’s Block – just like writer’s block – is tough!  It can make you feel emotionally and creatively constipated and damn it, there’s just no magic, cure-all to get things moving again.  In a word, it sucks.

So I’ve put my thinking cap on and have come up with 95 potential post ideas to help beat the block…

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