Before the cruise, the last time I’d been to a Greek Island was when I was two. I went to Rhodes on my very first holiday with my parents, long before my brother came along. (He was still ‘dancing on the clouds’ as my Mum used to say). Apparently I was potty trained on a beach there and my only memory involves a favourite teddy bear going missing before the flight home, so I didn’t have much to go on. 🙂
Mykonos (and Chora/Mykonos Town) is windy but beautiful. Lots of narrow (really narrow!) cobbled streets full of white homes and shops with bright blue shutters, plenty of waterside bars and tavernas with awnings crawling with hot pink Bougainvillea…

It’s really pretty, but it’s very touristy. And be prepared to find restaurants, shops and bars to be pretty expensive. Also – and especially in summer – it’s busy. I had to take most of my pictures pointing upwards to make sure the crowds squeezing up and down the streets weren’t in shot. But let’s be real here, there’s no such thing as a street in Mykonos, it’s made up of alleyways if anything – though I’m told that the town was specifically built this way to work as a maze for invading marauders (and tourists?).
You won’t be expecting traffic when you arrive in Mykonos. Wrong! Get ready to dive into the nearest shop, scale the closest staircase or breathe in to get out of the way of the tiny trucks and cars that zoom up and down the streets alleyways to deliver drinks to local bars and restaurants.

We didn’t see Petros the Pelican, the island mascot.

Little Venice, Mikri Venetia.
Chora’s famous windmills.