Cheat’s Cream-Pies

I really struggle to eat fruit when the weather’s cold and miserable.  When stomping through the door after getting drenched by the rain or frozen in the snow, I don’t think anybody was ever heard to groan and desperately utter the words, “God, I’m gasping for an orange.”  This time of year (…pfft, who am I kidding?  All times of the year…) I’m all about warm custard, hot fudge and melted chocolate – preferably all in the same bowl.  Great for me, not so great for the love-chub round my middle.  So I have to trick myself into getting my five-a-day by sneaking it in where I can.  This easy recipe for a basic cream pie (a sort of cheesecake-esque creation)  makes a great base for any fruit topping.  And, once you’ve mastered the basic recipe you can play around with it 🙂

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