December Lush List

Etsy is my favourite place for a bit of online perusing. This is no secret. If I’m cwtched up on the sofa with my feet over the back and the iPad in my lap (I’m a weird sofa sitter, it has to be said…) then you can guarantee that I’m either mindlessly pinning food-porn on Pinterest, or I’m curating my massive wish list on Etsy. 

Just in case you’ve been on Mars for the last couple of years, Etsy is a global marketplace for handmade goods and it’s flipping brilliant. If you’re in the market for quirky or unique, particularly when it comes to presents, then Etsy’s where you need to be!


thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
I always forget my reuseable bag when I’m out shopping! Maybe if I had one as cool as this rolled up in my handbag and ready to go then I’d be a bit less forgetful!
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
Now I can have a cup of tea and write in the bath like Marat! (Minus the skin disease and fatal stabbing of course…)
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
I’m intrigued what this year’s Christmas Cake would taste like with a layer of this Absinthe flavoured Marzipan under the icing…
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
How many times have you left the house in a rush only to forget later on whether you turned off your tongs or not? Then there’s the big decision; go back and check, or leave it and risk burning the house down. Well worry no more; this doormat’s got you covered!
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
How cute is this handpainted scarf by BonbiForest?
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
Forget Nigella, Mary Berry and Hugh Fernley Whatshisface; growing up my chefspiration was the Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. His technique of thowing a bit of whatever in a bowl and humming a tune is how I like to cook and I think I need his portrait in my new kitchen.
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
You can never have enough notepads, especially if you’re a writer like me. You never know when and where inspiration’s gonna strike!
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
These gold dipped crystals from Kissthefuture are gorgeous and would do a great job of dressing up a plain black vest.
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
There’s something about burning candles of cold nights, and this Mojave scented on from the Pomme Frites Candle co sounds lovely. The smell of the desert should hopefully take the edge off the miserable Welsh winter.
thecardiffcwtch - December Lush List
Time to start hunting for a 2016 Diary, and this one by Sonia Cavallini looks lovely.
What have you been lusting after on Etsy this month?

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