Summer Fashion Update

Maxi Skirt – Primark, Votes for Women Charity T Shirt from Literary Emporium

I don’t tend to blog a lot about fashion, but there’s something about warm weather that makes me hightail it to the shops.  I love summer fashion and dressing for good weather; I love the colours and (at risk of sounding like Sheryl from Rhode Island ala Miss Congeniality) there’s no need for layers and light jackets.  I’ve picked up a few bargains recently – all under £20 – that (weather permitting, obvs!) I’ll be wearing all summer long.

Got to be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull off the whole off-the-shoulder thing that everyone seems to be going crazy for this year (don’t get me started on flared sleeves, they look lovely but I’d be forever dragging them through my food), but then I saw this lovely embroidered top in F&F at my local Tesco and fell in love with it.  It goes so well with this little straw bag and scarf I picked up in Marks and Spencer’s.

I parted ways with a lot of old shoes over the last few months (let’s not talk about the boots that became the winter rental of a family of field mice… no joke…) and so I’ve been stocking up on pointed flats when I see them.  As well as the striped flats I picked up in Primark (if you follow me on Instagram you’re probably sick of seeing them by now…!), I saw these blue suede ones in Matalan and couldn’t leave without them 🙂

What’s your favourite summer bargain you’ve picked up this year?

January Lush List

You know the drill; here comes my list of everything I’ve been lusting after this month 🙂

Top of the list is this Hiraeth Cushion from Cardiff-based artist Cathryn Weatherhead. Hiraeth is another Welsh word that’s difficult to translate, but basically means homesickness tinged with grief or sadness over the lost or departed. It is a mix of longing and nostalgia, or an earnest desire for the Wales of the past. I could have done with one of these to cuddle when I was living in London!


I love a good pussy bow blouse, and this one from ASOS is on sale!


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
Quartz necklaces are lovely – carefree classy over plain tops and my favourite style of minimalist jewellery. Seasalt & Quinn have a lovely selection 🙂


I want to try and wear more skirts this year and get out of my jeans and t shirt funk! This one from ASOS is on sale and I love the grid pattern.


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
This rope bracelet by AME Jewels over on Etsy is lovely.


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
The hubs and I are moving into our first house this year which means a whole new space to decorate! This mirror by Flux Glass would look great over a makeup table 🙂


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
I was never really bothered about wearing rings, but since getting married I go out with a knuckle duster on each hand! I’ve been eyeing up (badum ha!) this ring from Blue Button Boho recently.


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
These Pegzini Family clothespins are too nice to use for laundry! But stick some magnets on the back and I bet they’d look great on the fridge or on an office magnet board.


January Lush List - theCardiffCwtch
Boring round cookies no more! I’m loving these mermaid tail ones by OneSweetChick.


Because sometimes I need reminding – by Farmhouse Printables on Etsy 🙂


What have you been lusting after this month?

December Lush List

Etsy is my favourite place for a bit of online perusing. This is no secret. If I’m cwtched up on the sofa with my feet over the back and the iPad in my lap (I’m a weird sofa sitter, it has to be said…) then you can guarantee that I’m either mindlessly pinning food-porn on Pinterest, or I’m curating my massive wish list on Etsy. 

Just in case you’ve been on Mars for the last couple of years, Etsy is a global marketplace for handmade goods and it’s flipping brilliant. If you’re in the market for quirky or unique, particularly when it comes to presents, then Etsy’s where you need to be!
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