What I Wore: Four New Things


It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion post, because honestly?  Until summer hit the UK I just wasn’t feeling particularly inspired about getting dressed (…I live in leggings and an old hoodie most days anyway!).  It was that weird, in-between period between winter and summer (…Yeah, Spring. Duh! But not Spring weather, I guess is what I’m trying to say oh so eloquently – am I ever eloquent?), I didn’t really have anything to dress up for and just wasn’t bothered about anything I saw in the shops.  But, then summer arrived (…and, more importantly, stuck around for a bit) and recently I’ve started picking up a few colourful bits and bobs.  I’ve got a couple of trips coming up this summer, as well as a wedding, so I fancied sprucing up my togs a bit 🙂

Primark Pointed Flats – £6

Six quid well spent.  I LIVE in flats, and the moment I spotted these babies in the Cardiff store I knew they’d be permanently attached to my feet all summer long, and I’m not the only one; when I managed to nab a size seven and skipped off to checkout with them, the cashier laughed and said she’d been selling them like hot cakes.  Mine are looking a little bit grubby at the mo, it has to be said and I thinking of trying to give them a bit of a wash in the machine to spruce them back up.  They are a faux-suede material though so that might be a mistake in the making.  Hmm.  If you’re after ones that will last, Urban Outfitters are probably your best bet.

River Island Faux-Wrap Dress – £50

If you tune into my Instagram Stories then you’ll probably remember me despairing over what to wear to a wedding.  I was really hoping to get a jumpsuit (I love them, they’re so easy… and – if you’re like me – they tend to spare your dignity when you fall over after a few too many glasses of prosecco), but alas, I just couldn’t track one down that I liked and was a reasonable price, so that was that.  Then, I spotted this gorgeous pink faux-wrap dress in River Island and totally fell in love with it because I feel like it’ll be something I’ll wear over the summer out and about, not just to a wedding.  (They’ve even got it in yellow and stripe 🙂)

Florence and Fred @ Tesco Pink Espadrilles – £12

I need to stop trolleying around the clothes section in Tesco when I should be picking up bread and eggs.  I bought these to go with the wrap dress from River Island and for just general bashing around in over the summer.  They had loads of different colours, but I loved this frayed, dusky pink pair.  They also come bragging cushioned soles, which I’m always a bit suspicious about (to be honest, I buy most of my shoes with the expectation that they’ll cripple me), but these are so damn comfy that I easily looped around Bute Park in them without getting a single blister – even on the first wear.  Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a link to the pink ones online (here’s them in a white broderie anglais), but Dorothy Perkins do a very similar pair.

T K Maxx Yellow Culotte Jumpsuit – £11

I haggled this one down, guys.  I love a jumpsuit, but when I spotted this one in store I wasn’t sold on the culotte-style legs.  Tried it on anyway, loved it, but found a couple of holes around the waist line.  They didn’t have any others in my size, and you know how it is with T K Maxx, once it’s gone, it’s gone (although looks like Boohoo have got a very similar one).  I’m good enough with a needle and thread (I knew that Brownies sewing level one badge would come in handy one day…) and decided I liked it enough to give fixing it a go, but was absolutely unwilling to pay full price.  Anyway, I bossed it up to the cashier and asked them if they could do anything about it, and they did.  I got it for £11 and half an hour of stitching in front of the telly.  Nice!  It pays to ask, right?

Bag – Marks and Spencer, Earrings – Dorothy Perkins (similar here)

Hopefully I’ll be taking it out for a spin this weekend if the weather’s nice.  Here’s to the Bank Holiday weekend!  Have a good one everyone! 🙂

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August Favourites

Happy September! It’s safe to say to say that I can’t remember a soggier August. Honestly, I gave up on summer ever arriving halfway through the month, moved on and started getting excited for Autumn. Especially when I started seeing bobble hats in the shops. I’m always in a back to school mode at this time of year; even though my days in the classroom are well and truly over, I still get that fresh start feeling. It’s the perfect time of year for a shake-up! Anyway, here’s what I’ve been enjoying this August.


I picked up these grapes in Tesco on a whim after being taken in by the packaging. “Candyfloss-flavoured grapes”. I was sceptical. I mean, come on! True or not, either way it’s a genius bit of marketing, so much so that I had to try them and find out. They’re the sweetest, nicest grapes I’ve ever had, and you know what? They kind of do taste like candy floss.  Also, I tried Baklava this month for the very first time and – oh lord – have I been missing out!

Also: These Bakewell Tarts


This month I didn’t do as much pottering around my hometown as I usually do because the weather was so crap.  But I did get a sneak peek of a swanky pad with beautiful views over Cardiff Bay, had a lovely meal out at the Custom House with Sunny and also surprised my lovely friend Missy with a trip to Cardiff’s first and only Cat Cafe; Feline Good.


All my summery clothes have stayed in the cupboard this summer, and I didn’t really feel in the mood to add to them. Over the last couple of weeks though I’ve been getting excited about Autumn fashion and I picked up this lace, high neck top from Zara.


Game of Thrones.  I already mentioned it in my July Favourites, but this season’s been the best season of Thrones BY. A. MILE.   After the Episode Six bombshell I was searching up theories like mad ready for whopping 80 minute finale and was still clawing the arm rests of my sofa as I watched. Also, in the last week of August I binge-watched Top of the Lake: China Girl.  Honestly, looking at it, it’s not really my sort of thing; I hadn’t seen season one and I wasn’t sure whether I’d stick it out (…the tinkering piano music in the background drove me mad by the end of episode one and it was all just a bit depressing) – but I love Gwendoline Christie and Elisabeth Moss and so I stuck with it and by episode three I was hooked.  Worth a look if you love dark, scandi-esque crime drama with tormented detectives.


If you haven’t seen videos of Carl Bradbury pranking people on Facebook with song lyrics then you need to. He’s basically looked up people whose names are featured in songs and then messaged them via Facebook Chat and the results are hilarious. Sunny and I were in hysterics over breakfast one weekend watching both videos. Definitely check it out, but bear in mind that it’s a bit rude and probably NSFW.

What have you been enjoying this August? 🙂

Summer Fashion Update

Maxi Skirt – Primark, Votes for Women Charity T Shirt from Literary Emporium

I don’t tend to blog a lot about fashion, but there’s something about warm weather that makes me hightail it to the shops.  I love summer fashion and dressing for good weather; I love the colours and (at risk of sounding like Sheryl from Rhode Island ala Miss Congeniality) there’s no need for layers and light jackets.  I’ve picked up a few bargains recently – all under £20 – that (weather permitting, obvs!) I’ll be wearing all summer long.

Got to be honest, I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to pull off the whole off-the-shoulder thing that everyone seems to be going crazy for this year (don’t get me started on flared sleeves, they look lovely but I’d be forever dragging them through my food), but then I saw this lovely embroidered top in F&F at my local Tesco and fell in love with it.  It goes so well with this little straw bag and scarf I picked up in Marks and Spencer’s.

I parted ways with a lot of old shoes over the last few months (let’s not talk about the boots that became the winter rental of a family of field mice… no joke…) and so I’ve been stocking up on pointed flats when I see them.  As well as the striped flats I picked up in Primark (if you follow me on Instagram you’re probably sick of seeing them by now…!), I saw these blue suede ones in Matalan and couldn’t leave without them 🙂

What’s your favourite summer bargain you’ve picked up this year?