Spring Style Update

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The weather’s been teasing a few glimpses of Spring sunshine and ooooooooh, the temptation to hop onto ASOS and buy all the skirts and sandals and sunnies and swimwear has been STRONG.  But honestly, there’s not a lot I actually need.  As I said in my Spring Wardrobe Audit post, I’m trying to be a bit savvier when it comes to spending on clothes and have only been buying things that either I desperately need or know that I’m going to wear until it literally falls off me in pieces.

That being said, I have picked up a few Spring/Summer pieces over the past couple of weeks that I absolutely love – including a shirt dress that’s so beautiful it lured me into getting my penne pasta pins out on camera.  😉


Patterned Shirt Dress

I’ve come to the realisation that I’m just not a dress kinda gal.  “And yet you’ve just bought a dress, you donut!” I hear you say, and – yes – I’m making absolutely no sense, but let me just try and explain.  It’s not that I don’t like dresses, it’s more about the fact that I’m really fussy.  After spending a lot of money in my twenties on dresses that just didn’t suit me, now that I’m in my thirties it’s got to be something really special for me to take the plunge.  Enter this crazy beautiful shirt dress that I found in T K Maxx.  Mismatched prints are pretty on-trend for 2019 and this one was just too stunning to walk past – and a total bargain for such a high quality piece. 🙂


Colour-block Mid Heels

I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of mid, everyday heels for a while now and stumbled across this pair from Monsoon while I was doing St Davids’ Big Night Out a couple of weeks ago (which meant I got a cheeky 20% discount – win!).  I pretty much live in pointed flats, but I fancied something just a little bit dressier but just as comfy for events and nights out.  These are a dead ringer for the colour block heels Carolina Herrera dropped last Spring.


Spotty Sliders

I completely fell in love with sliders last summer and pretty much wore to death a pink, faux suede pair that I picked up from Marks and Spencer.  I find them so comfy and easy to wear that I just couldn’t resist picking up this polka dot pair in T K Maxx for £9.99!  I mean, the weather’s nowhere near bare-the-toes sandal-level yet so I’ve actually been wearing them around the house and no kidding, they’re as comfortable as slippers! 🙂


Mom Jeans

So, I jumped on board with the whole “Mom” jean trend last summer when I picked up a cheap pair from Tesco (yes, Tesco).  They’re just the best!  I’m not a fan of skinny jeans and the very thin, elastic denim that’s used to make them – whereas these Mom Jeans are far more flattering, there’s some structure to them (and yet they’re not uncomfortable) and feel like proper denim.  I lived in the ones I picked up last summer from Tesco for £18 (they’re still going strong) and was so excited that they’d brought them back for this summer that I picked up two pairs!  One in my favourite light wash and another in black.  SORTED.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Pyjama Shirt

You know that I live in my weird shirts, and of course I’ve added a couple to the collection of the last couple of months as and when I’ve spotted them.  This blue pyjama shirt was a New Look bargain last month (£9.99 on ASOS).  The material is a bit of creaser, but it’s so soft and has a beautiful embossed rose print that catches the light.


Weird Shirt

I just couldn’t leave this one!  It’s an ASOS Design, oversize white shirt with naked ladies and boobs plastered all over it.  I love it.  Someone on Instagram totally hit the nail on the head when they said that it reminded them of Matisse’s line drawings.  I don’t think it’s available on ASOS anymore, but funnily enough, Toppers brought out something very similar in their Spring drop.


I’m also massively lusting after this sweet lil’ baby from Zara; it’s silky, it’s spotty, I kinda need it. 😉

What new Spring Style pieces are you lusting after right now?  The weather’s supposed to get up into double digits next week; so I’m excited to shed my parka and wellies and start wearing sandals!  Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

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How to do a Spring Wardrobe Audit in Seven Steps


I’m definitely not one of those women who can survive on a super-streamlined capsule wardrobe.  I mean – don’t get me wrong – I absolutely love the idea of it and devour Capsule Wardrobe videos on Youtube like I do Cream Eggs… but in practice?  Nope, this gal likes options – lots of options – and is still clinging on hard to that Original Rudeboys T Shirt she bought in Topman back in 2004 (even though it’s literally falling apart and has gaping holes in the armpits…).  I like a full wardrobe (I used to work in a costume warehouse, go figure!) – I like to have lots of options and I love rediscovering old favourites.  But, I’m a bit of a hoarder, and for that reason I have to make sure I do a little bit of a wardrobe audit at the start of every season just to see exactly what I’ve got and what I need to add (and, more importantly, what I don’t need to add!).  Just like everyone else right now, I’m also trying to think about sustainability when it comes to fashion, my personal style and I’m trying really hard to only buy items that suit me, that I need and  ones that I know I’m going to wear and love until they fall off me in pieces!

This post is basically a step by step guide on how you can start doing an audit yourself, with a few handy print outs to help you keep track along the way 🙂

The Idea

The basic idea behind the audit is to transition your wardrobe from Autumn/Winter to Spring/Summer and back again in a way that helps you see what you’ve got hanging up, what needs to go (does not spark joy!) and any gaps that need filling.  By doing it, you get a better idea of your personal uniform – the styles and colours you reach for again and again – and will be better equipped to stop yourself from spending needlessly each season on items you a) Don’t need, b) Don’t suit you, and c) Just won’t wear.

The best time to do it is usually a month or two into the new season (the end of September and the beginning of April seem to work well) because by that time the weather should have started to shift, you’ll have seen enough of the new season trends to know exactly what new bits and bobs you fancy adding, and you’ll still have time to pick up some old season bargains in the sales to fill in any gaps!  Make a note in your diary or on your phone and block out one whole day to focus completely on your audit.


Step One: Take Everything Out

Right, let’s get this show on the road.  Before you can get sorting, you need to get everything out.  In true Marie Kondo style that basically means pulling everything out of your wardrobe and throwing it into a big pile on your bed or on the floor.  You need to see what you’re dealing with and then work on each item individually.

Step Two: Buh-bye Autumn/Winter!

Now it’s time to get sorting.  A massive part of a new season audit involves reflecting on the one that’s just finished.  As you sift through your pile of clothes, shoes and accessories think about the items you kept reaching for again and again.  What items did you wear to death?  Which outfits worked?  Which ones didn’t?  What items didn’t you wear once?  What kind of items are missing?

Begin sorting the clothes into three piles:

  1. Love it, keeping it“Never wanna give you up, Never wanna say goodbye!”
  2. Maybefor when you’re on the fence…
  3. Ditch it “Thank you, next!”

Be as ruthless as you can! Donate or Depop everything you’ve fallen out of love with and doesn’t fit anymore, and recycle any items that are damaged (that might even mean turning them into something else; all my old t shirts usually retire and turn into pyjamas at some point!).

“Thank You, Next”

As you’re going through, start making a shopping list of any items you need to replace, items that you need (I really need a black pair of jeans… I could do with a jacket to wear when I’m walking the dog… I don’t have a smart pair of boots to wear out…) and any trend items that you would want to add.  You’re going to pack this list away with your winter wardrobe; some of the items on the replace and need lists you might be able to pick up the sales immediately (if so, highlight and then tick them off the list!), and as for the trend pieces you’ve been eyeing up – you’re going to shelf the urge for a while.  When autumn swings back around you can re-evaluate where you are with them and have a handy shopping list ready to go. 🙂

“Love it, Keeping it”

Pay close attention to your keep pile because it’s going to give you a really good idea of what your ideal wardrobe is going to look like.  Look at the colours and styles you keep reaching for time and time again – maybe you’re a confirmed “Jeans and a Nice Top” kind of girl like me, maybe you’ve got a thing for tailoring and maybe it just turns out that your wardrobe is as black as your soul.  That’s great!  At least now you know what works for you and what’s worth spending money on. 🙂


Once you’ve finished sorting, go back to your maybe pile and see if you’ve changed your mind.  Maybe there’s an item in there that might be quite useful, maybe it’s a transition piece that could work during either season, maybe you’ve found a better version in your love it pile and no longer need it, or maybe you’re still on the fence.  That’s okay!  Throw it into your keep pile and you never know, you might fall in love with it all over again and be glad you held on.


Step Three: Pack it Away

Hopefully now you’ve whittled everything down to just two piles.  Bag up everything you’re getting rid of (depending whether you’re donating, depop-ping or recycling) and then turn your attention to your keep pile.  Time to pack it away ready for next year!  I’m lucky, my bed’s got secret storage underneath it so I like to pack away last season’s clothes into vacuum bags (love them!) and keep them stowed away and out of sight – and more importantly, protected from dust, damp and moths.  For extra credit, pop them all in the wash before you store them – and don’t forget to pack them with something to keep them smelling fresh.  Don’t forget to add in your shopping list – you’ll need it next season! 😉

Storage Tips and Tricks…
  1. You know those little scent boosters you can throw in the washing machine?  Pour some into a small organza bag and then pack away with your clothes to keep them smelling fresh! (I also like to hang a few in my current wardrobe to keep my shirts smelling nice) 🙂
  2. Similarly, you can stuff a couple of dryer sheets into your shoes to soak up any sweat and keep them smelling fresh.
  3. Consider wrapping delicate fabrics like silk and occasion-wear in tissue paper before storing – or use an old pillowcase!
  4. Spruce up your shoes before putting them back in their box.  Clean off any mud, polish them and get the heels mended so they’re ready to march next season!
  5. Make sure you throw in some protection from moths.  Moth balls are toxic to pets and children, so consider using cedar wood instead.


Step Four: Hello Spring/Summer!

Right! Time to get your summer garb out of storage!  Finally!  Hopefully you’ve packed it all away neatly and all it needs is a bit of a steam to bring it back to life.  Lay everything out on your bed and see what you’ve got.  If you already performed an audit at the start of autumn, then you’ll be ready to go; if not then swing back to step two and get sorting!  As you’re reacquainting yourself with your spring/summer wardrobe there might be a bit of extra streamlining to do.  Are there any items you were unsure about last year that you can comfortably make a decision on now?  Is there anything that doesn’t fit?  Hopefully everything’s come out looking brand new, but sometimes there might be an item that doesn’t survive.  I had a red faux-leather jacket a long time ago and had to chuck it because it literally just disintegrated in storage!


Step Five: Outfits

Time to get your wardrobe working for you!  Think about how you spend your time on a weekly basis.  List three activities that you tend to do every single week, including work and then try to come up with three outfits for each of those activities using the clothes you’ve got in front of you – ideally for three weather scenarios (dry, wet and changeable).  If you’ve got an instax camera, why not snap some photos of these outfits?  Or you could print out some old Instagram snaps of outfits that worked, or just list the items!

As you’re building your outfits, you might find another opportunity to streamline.  Are there any items that just don’t fit in with your day to day uniforms?  Think about whether it’s time to toss ’em!  Keep your shopping list close as you might find there are a couple of items you’d like to add to it.

Keep these outfit lists handy somewhere in your current wardrobe (maybe clipped to hanger on their own, or tacked up on the doors), then pack them away with your wardrobe when the season ends – they might come in handy next year!

LOL, “Brunch on the weekend” – because I only get dressed properly if there’s going to be food involved.

Step Six: What’s Missing?

Time to refer to that handy shopping list you made at the end of last season.  You might find that it’s all still applicable and you’re still lusting after that rattan bag you had your eye on last summer, or maybe you’ll just have a good old laugh, wonder what the hell you were thinking and be glad you didn’t splurge on something you were never going to wear!  Deal with the “Want” and “Replace” lists first – cross out anything that doesn’t apply and tick the items that do!

Next move on to “Need” list.  Look for gaps in your uniforms; maybe you don’t have a spring jacket, or threw out your only pair of sandals last year.  Jot these items down!  Then, you’re ready to set yourself a budget and shop!

(*If you’re in Cardiff then don’t forget to sign up for St Davids Shopping Centre’s Big Night Out – which is basically a student lock in with tonnes of discounts and treats… but you don’t have to be a student, win!  It’s completely free to sign up and it’ll be the perfect opportunity to go refresh your wardrobe!) 🙂

Step Seven: Organise!

Phew!  Home stretch!  After all that sorting, it’s time to (make a cup of tea first, and then) put everything back into your wardrobe in an easy to see, easy to access way.  Think about arranging items in some kind of order – whether that’s by colour, by item or by outfit.  Whatever works for you!

Tips and Tricks for Organising your Wardrobe…
  1. Make sure you’re using the right hanger for each item.  Invest in some hard-wearing wooden ones for heavy items like coats, felt-lined ones for delicate items and grippers for trousers and skirts.
  2. Don’t forget your cedar balls to keep those moths away, and scent boosters to keep things fresh!
  3. The top shelf of my cupboard gets really messy – use dividers to keep those piles from toppling over.
  4. Get crafty when it comes to storing accessories.  For example, office filing boxes are great for storing purses and clutch bags, and hooks are great for handbags.
  5. Use ring-pulls to double up hangers and arrange outfits together.

And that’s it!  Happy auditing! 🙂

If you fancy giving a wardrobe audit a go then you can download my Audit Shopping List here, and the Uniforms List here. Come on them, come clean!  How many pairs of jeans/t shirts are bashing around at the back of your cupboard?  😉

5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately


Monday, we meet again!  But hey, at least it’s not January anymore; now that the longest month of  the year is done and dusted, it feels like we’re that much closer to spring.  It’s the little things that tend to keep me going this time of year.  You know, something decent to binge watch away those dark nights, fresh recipes to try, colourful spring fashion, and a good ol’ routine that’ll help me keep on top of things – as well as slicing in a little time to do the things I really love. So without further ado, here are five things I’ve been loving lately… 🙂


1. Snow

I honestly didn’t think we were going to see a sequel to last year’s Beast from the East, but last Thursday evening it started snowing in Cardiff and didn’t stop until 4am the following morning.  It was nowhere near as bad as last year and it was pretty much gone by the afternoon – but there was enough of the stuff to get Bungle excited.  He went absolutely mental when Sunny and I took him out for his walk in the field; it always makes me smile watching him roll around in it! 🙂


2. Pyjama Shirts

As if I need anymore weird shirts.  Except I really, really do!  Even as I tip-toe further into my thirties, I’m still kind of figuring out my own personal style – but what I have figured out is that I’m a jeans and a nice top kinda girl through and through, and the nice tops I like to wear are shirts.  The weirder the better.  Recently I’ve added a few pyjama shirts to my collection for a bit of variety.  They’re so comfortable and I feel like you can easily dress them up or down.  Sunny bought me a beautiful celestial-printed Neon Rose one for Christmas, and I managed to pick up this green one from Toppers in the January sales.


3. Outlander

Oh man, I feel like I’ve been totally spoiled for TV over the past few weeks.  My absolute favourite show right now is Outlander (bodice rippers, I just can’t get enough…).  I’m deep into Season 4 which is currently being drip-fed an episode a week via Amazon Prime, and I’ve really reached that point when you watch a series where you’re totally invested and adore every single character.  I LOVE IT.  Also on my weekly watch list right now is  the BBC adaptation of Les Miserables, as well as Cleaning Up on ITV.  I think Sheridan Smith is fab! 🙂


4. Lunch

If you caught my New Year, New Habits post at the start of the year then you’ll know that I’ve been trying to add a few more easy, healthy recipes to my repertoire – especially for lunch.  I’m absolutely useless when it comes to carving out time to eat a proper meal at lunchtime – I’m definitely a grab and go kind of girl – but it’s something I’m trying to change.  I had a little rejig of my weekly routine at the start of the year and decided to make some extra time to make lunch for myself every day – whether that’s just egg on toast, or something a little fancier like this super easy Mango Chicken.  So far, so good!


5. Yoga

Another new habit I wanted to set in stone this year was to start either yoga or pilates.  I was slow off the mark on this one, but last week – after seeing a few people talking about it on Social Media – I started Adriene’s 30 Day Dedicate Yoga Journey.  I’m not doing it every single day – bam, bam, bam – just whenever I can squeeze in forty minutes in the morning – I’m a total beginner after all.  Sure, I’d like to tone up a little, but that’s not the main reason I’m doing it – I already feel like having forty minutes of focus and relaxation on a daily basis will be really good for my mental health and general mood.  🙂


What’s giving you a little boost to get you through to Spring? 🙂

Autumn Fashion Edit: 5 New Things


It’s been absolutely boiling here in Cardiff this week which is just typical, innit?  And there was me all ready to bust out the big jumpers, boots and scarves.  I took Bungle for a walk earlier in the week and ended up coming back a sweaty mess!  Still, it’s getting colder every morning and I can’t wait to really get into my Autumn wardrobe – including these five things I picked up recently. 🙂

1. Baggy Jumper

I really wanted to find a nice oversized jumper to wear this autumn, and I fell in love with this one when I spotted it in H&M at the end of the summer.  The colour is a kind of frosty blue that goes so well with denim, and the wool isn’t too prickly either.


And my favourites online:

New Look 
PLT Only

2. Trainers

There’s absolutely no way I can get away with the whole ugly trainer trend – nor would I want to, if I’m being completely honest.  I DON’T GET IT.  I mean, £705 for these?  I’m not a fan.  I am, however, a massive fan of Converse.  My mint green high tops are well loved, and over the summer I felt like I fancied picking up a white ankle pair that would go with both jeans and dresses.  But, it’s Autumn now and there’s no way a pristine clean pair of white chucks are going to survive the morning dog walk through puddles and leaf mould.  So instead of shelling out £50 on a pair that are probably going to be ruined by the time the Christmas decs go up, I spent £6 on these dupes from Primark. 🙂

3. Snuggly Oversized Scarf

I really didn’t need another scarf – I’ve got LOADS – but I haven’t got a black one.  I spotted (…😉 ) this one in Zara at the end of August and just knew I’d end up wearing it all winter with everything – because it’ll go with everything!  And, the polka dots mean that it’s not just another boring black scarf.

And my favourites online:

ASOSMiss Selfridge

4. Statement Shirt

You know me, I can’t resist a weird shirt and I’ve been eyeing up adding a bold black and white striped one to my collection for a while now.  I pretty much haven’t taken this one off since I picked it up in H&M at the beginning of September, so I’m counting it as a solid addition to the squad.  It’s not made from silk, but it’s kind of a heavy weighted alternative which means it hangs really nicely.  I LOVE it.


And my favourites online:


5. Animal Print

Okay, so this one technically isn’t new – but I’ve brought it back into rotation after a long summer break.  I love all the animal prints out there right now, but I’m yet to find anything I like clothing wise – plus, aren’t we a little close to overdoing it?  I mean, so many people are wearing animal print (particularly leopard) at the moment that it’s practically becoming a uniform.  I love it, but like I said, I’m yet to make the plunge clothing wise and if I’m honest I’m not entirely sure I will.  But, what I do have is the Cheetah Print Bag I picked up in TK Maxx, I think around this time last year.  It’s enough to jazz up my Autumn/Winter grey, monochrome and denim wardrobe without going full on Jungle Book.

Have a great weekend guys! 🙂

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How to Plan a Travel Capsule Wardrobe in 5 Steps

If you’re like me then you know the drill.  You leave packing right until the last minute, throw in as many clothes as you can for as many different eventualities as you can, sit on the case… and then come back having worn maybe a third of it.  Argh!  By the time you read this post I’ll almost be on my way back from Canada – the first trip I’ve taken in a while – and this time around I’ve promised myself to streamline my travel wardrobe and only pack clothes that I know that I’m definitely, absolutely going to wear.  I’m yet to be converted to the whole capsule wardrobe thing in my day to day life, but I’m definitely on board when it comes to travelling.  Who wants a bulging case and last minute panics about what to wear when you want to be out and about exploring anyway?  So, without further ado, here’s how to plan a travel capsule wardrobe in five easy steps.

1. Do Your Research

Before you even touch any clothes, you’re going to employ a bit of Google-Fu.  Research where you’re going, how long for and what you’re going to be getting up to while you’re away.  The answers to these questions are going to help you build a destination appropriate capsule wardrobe:

  • What’s the weather going to be like where I’m going?
  • Are there any events that I need to bring specific outfits for (like a wedding)?
  • How long am I away for?
  • Are there any local customs when it comes to fashion (will I need to cover up?)

2. Plan Must-Have Outfits First

Now that you’ve done your research, it’s time to get stuck into your wardrobe, starting with the must-have basics.

A Travel Outfit

What are you going to wear when you’re on the road/in the sky?  Set aside something comfortable that will work as your “Travel Outfit”.  The bottom half is the most important part in my book; I like to be comfy if I’m going to be sitting down for a long time, and like to wear a pair of shoes that I can slip off if I want.

Event/Activities Outfits

Are you going to a special event while you’re away?  Are you going to be doing a certain activity that’ll need a certain outfit?  Are you going to be swimming?  Make sure these outfits make it into the suitcase before any others.

Knickers and Pjs

We all sleep, we all wear underwear (…right?).  So make sure you’ve got enough to see you through.  And when it comes to underwear, pack a variety that’ll work with different outfits (Spanx, Stick on Bras etc…).

3. Try On Some Outfits

With your must-have items sorted it’s time to work out what else you want to pack, keeping in mind that you want to build a versatile, interchangeable wardrobe.  You want colours that work together (some people like to choose black and white with accent colour) and items that are going to layer well.  Again, think about where you’re going, the weather and the sort of things you’re going to be doing.  Ask yourself:

  • What am I going to wear if it gets really hot?
  • What am I going to wear if it suddenly gets chilly?
  • What if it rains?
  • What am I going to wear during the day?
  • What am I going to wear out at night?


4. Build Your Capsule from the Core, then Add Extras

Now that you’ve got some ideas, you can start building your travel wardrobe starting with the basic core capsule items.  Here’s a basic list, obviously it’ll be different depending on where you’re going, for how long and your person style, but it should be enough to get you started.

  • Bottoms:
    • 1 Pair of jeans
    • 1 Pair of black jeans (that can be dressed up or down)
    • 1 Skirt
  • Tops:
    • 2 T-Shirts (one white)
    • 2 Blouses
    • 2 Vests/Camis (for layering)
  • Dresses:
    • 1 Casual
    • 1 Fancy
  • Outerwear:
    • 1 Jacket (what kind of jacket will depend on your destination)
    • 1 Jumper/Cardigan
  • Shoes:
    • 1 Comfortable pair for walking (trainers or boots)
    • 1 Pair of smart flats (could be sandals or ballet pumps)
    • 1 Fancy pair (evening shoes or heels)

Once you’ve got your core capsule sorted, you can start adding extras and statement pieces. 🙂

5. Add Accessories

Now that you’ve planned your outfits you can start adding accessories.  Try and streamline, picking items that will go with everything you’ve picked out so far and make sure you’ve covered the essentials like bags and belts.

And there you go, one travel capsule wardrobe that’ll free up some space in your suitcase and stop all those last minute wardrobe panics!  Have a great weekend guys! 🙂