Everything Else Over the Bridge

I can’t stay mad at you, London!

Last Sunday we packed a suitcase, hopped in the car and crossed the bridge; our first trip back to the bright lights of London since we left it behind six weeks ago. We spent the last few days of 2015 catching up with family and friends in our old home 🙂

Even though it was a huge relief to be able to leave London, I just can’t bring myself to completely hate it. London is busy and brutal, the trains and tubes are an expensive mess and when I accidently filled the kettle straight from the tap like a total noob I was reminded of how rank the water is; my cup of tea shed scales (bleugh!!!). And yet, I can’t completely hate it! As soon as I see the old smog-stained bricks and sash windows wedged between the rising steel and glass of the city, I’m done for. 

London’s like that one friend/ex who treated you horribly, but was so much fun to be around and made you feel so incredible that you’re willing to completely forget how terrible they were at times just to relive some of those amazing moments… for a few days; any longer than that and you’ll start remembering how they frustrate the hell out of you! 

Why I can't completely hate London - theCardiffCwtch
As per flipping usual, crossing the bridge was like stepping out of the shower. The rain stopped immediately and we were reunited with that big burning thing in the sky. Bad start for me – I had to listen to hubs going on about it all the way to blumming Leigh Delamare. The truth is that London is generally a lot drier than anywhere else in the UK. The year I moved down it didn’t rain once from September til June and conversations at train stations and bus stops became a bit awkward when there was no weather to have a good old moan about.
Why I can't completely hate London - theCardiffCwtch
Typically, the evening that we decided to go out for dinner and to the theatre South Eastern Rail (*shakes fist*) had scrambled its service like a five year old attempting an omelette. They were a mess. As a result the tubes were bursting with affected passengers and we ended up driving instead. But everytime I catch a glimpse of Canary Wharf all that anger and frustration over the effing trains just drains away. 🙂
   Why I can't hate London - theCardiffCwtch 
Why I can't completely hate London - theCardiffCwtch
Ah, the theatre. The smell of the grease, the roar of the paint! We went to see Mr Foote’s Other Leg which was a comedy about theatre in the Eighteenth Century and the legendary comedic actor Samuel Foote. The script was brilliant, incredibly funny and well-researched, and Simon Russell-Beale was superb as Mr Foote… but, those unfamiliar with the history were a little lost at times. The huge history nerd inside me was loving it, and I sniggered like an idiot at all the Handel trash-talk and Garrick’s sacred love of Shakespeare being done ‘right’, but hubs and the in-laws weren’t as impressed. Definitely one for the history buffs 🙂
    Why I can't hate London - theCardiffCwtch 
We spent NYE eating Indian food, drinking a lot of prosecco and watching the fireworks on the tv 🙂

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