After the Storm

This time last week I went for a stroll down Barry Island – a day after Storm Imogen battered South Wales with 80 mph gusts of wind.  The weather was lovely – no sign of the horrible rain and wind from the day before.  One of the blokes from the council sweeping piles of sand and seaweed from the promenade said that the waves hitting the rocks the night before had been nearly 8 foot high and so powerful that they’d managed to take out all the bins.

(I was fed up with the sudden trend in naming all the winter storms to begin with, but now that we’re on a roll with it I’m curious to see what the MET office comes up with for Q, X and Z…)

Dropped in on Bay 5 Coffee for a cup of tea 🙂

We walked across the beach (so many cute dogs skittering across the sand) and up onto the headland and got all rosy-cheeked and windswept.  🙂

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