The Pumping Station

I love old.

I love old jokes, I love old films (if you haven’t seen Some Like it Hot then we can’t be friends!), old cars, old furniture.  I love old books (I’m one of those weirdos who wedges her nose between the pages and inhales that lovely musty scent)… My father’s pretty old and I love him too – mostly because he shares my fascination with all things antique and he’s always up for a trip down to places like the old Pumping Station to go all American Pickers and hunt for some rusty, dusty treasure. 🙂

These days when you’re looking for a new bit of furniture, it’s so easy to take a trip down to IKEA and bring back a bookcase in a brown box – bish, bash, bosh – the same bookcase that everyone else has got and that’s completely disposable two years down the line.  Now I’m not trying to go all Phoebe Buffay verses Pottery Barn here, but if you’re like me and you’d much rather something a bit different, a piece with a past, a fixer-upper or a quirky bit of retro to liven up your shelf then you need to get down to the Pumping Station because it’s (yep, I’m going to say it) an Aladdin’s Cave full of the old and unusual! 🙂
The problem with the Pumping Station is that ideally, you’ve got to drive to get there (not that it’s that out the way, it’s just at the end of Penarth Road) – it’s not easily stumbled upon – but once you know it’s there it’s absolutely worth the trip because there’s a bit of everything there; antique furniture, collectibles, instruments, vintage clothing and toys, ornaments, magazines, lighting, mirrors, paintings, vinyl… those old suitcases all the hipsters are turning into coffee tables, mannequins…
If you’re down there, pop up to the second floor and say hi to Harry at the Trading Post, who’s selling a great collection of acoustic guitars, violins, skulls, native American decor and some quirky animal taxidermy all created by none other than himself that are looking for a good home.  Check out the squirrels inside!  🙂

These days, the Pumping Station seems to bring in a lot of browsers but not enough buyers – so this #SmallBusinessSaturday why not take a trip down to the old Pumping Station to hunt for a bit of treasure?

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Hi Harry here from pumping station excellent photos of my shop and my taxidermy thank you . Nice to meet you and your father and hope to see you again

If any one of your bloggers wishes to call at the Trading Post at the pumping station and mention your Blog I will more than wIllingly give them a real good deal

Thank you so much Harry

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