Cefn Onn Park

Walking up past the pond to the big field (…not as big as I remember…) at the top of Cefn Onn Park is something every North Cardiff kid does at some point.  Despite being penned in by the train line and the M4, the only sounds you’ll hear are bird chatter and kids voices echoing from somewhere between the trees (…and then the yell of some poor mother who’s little darling has only gone and bloody fallen in the stream and soaked themselves, even after she warned them about ten times… :-)).

It was looking and feeling very spring-like there last week.  A few sleepy-head Daffs and enough bright pink Camelia peeping to make me want to chuck all my winter jumpers to the back of the cupboard and dig out the sunglasses and summer dresses!  But as the old saying goes, “Don’t cast a clout ’til May is out” – or maybe June…  This is Wales after all…!

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