Bat Walk

A couple of weeks ago we went for a late walk and saw bats.  Back when we lived in London we used to see them whizzing around at dusk down by the river – they’re really easy to confuse with a small bird and the first time that Sunny saw one he thought it was a demented sparrow 🙂  They’re far more common than you might think!

Nana-nana-nana-nana…!  I can’t take credit for the bat-snaps.  After ten minutes of trying to capture one flitting around overhead (they’re so fast!) I shoved the camera at Sunny and went off in a strop.  He had far more luck (and patience!) than I had! 🙂

If you’re in Cardiff and you’d like to go and see bats but you’re not sure where to look, St Fagans are actually running Bat Walks throughout August, and I’ve been told they’re really good 🙂

Newport Wetlands

Last week I went for a walk around Newport Wetlands and ended up getting lost.  And I don’t mean lost in the whimsical wandering sense, I mean, send out a frigging helicopter lost.  I had no idea that the RSPB Wetlands Walk turned into the Wales Coast Path and somewhere past the lighthouse I took a wrong turning and… well, I wandered a couple of miles towards the Severn Bridge without realising.  Oops.  The path became very quiet, very suddenly (what happened to all those “Bird People” with the hats and the binoculars?) and I had to jump a few fences to find my way back.  I got there in the end though and dragged my muddy boots into the RSPB cafe for tea and cake.

The path from the RSPB centre leads through fields of reeds and waterways.  It was so still and quiet when I was there, with the occasional bird chatter coming from somewhere inside the forest of reeds 🙂

Here’s where I took a wrong turning; instead of going back through the woods, I jumped onto the Wales Coast Path and walked off in the wrong direction…!

The RSPB cafe is probably the best place to watch the birds; i.e. in the warm with a hot drink!  It’s right on one of the wetland ponds with plenty of bird feeders placed along the window so you can sit and watch 🙂

Cefn Onn Park

Walking up past the pond to the big field (…not as big as I remember…) at the top of Cefn Onn Park is something every North Cardiff kid does at some point.  Despite being penned in by the train line and the M4, the only sounds you’ll hear are bird chatter and kids voices echoing from somewhere between the trees (…and then the yell of some poor mother who’s little darling has only gone and bloody fallen in the stream and soaked themselves, even after she warned them about ten times… :-)).

It was looking and feeling very spring-like there last week.  A few sleepy-head Daffs and enough bright pink Camelia peeping to make me want to chuck all my winter jumpers to the back of the cupboard and dig out the sunglasses and summer dresses!  But as the old saying goes, “Don’t cast a clout ’til May is out” – or maybe June…  This is Wales after all…!