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Bat Walk

A couple of weeks ago we went for a late walk and saw bats.  Back when we lived in London we used to see them whizzing around at dusk down by the river – they’re really easy to confuse with a small bird and the first time that Sunny saw one he thought it was a […]

Everything Else

My Friend the Crow

Sometimes I get caught up in baking something new but then lose my appetite straight after for whatever it is that I’ve made (Does anyone else get that?  Cook’s Curse, I guess…).  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I made a loaf of banana bread that sat out on the kitchen counter for a few […]


Forest Farm

Here’s another place I had no idea existed until recently when I stumbled across Geraint Parry’s Instagram account (which is full of the most gorgeous pictures of Owls and Kingfishers).  Forest Farm is wedged somewhere between the busy Coryton Interchange, Whichurch and ASDA and seems to be Cardiff’s best kept secret when it comes to spotting wildlife.  The entrance […]

Around Wales

Newport Wetlands

Last week I went for a walk around Newport Wetlands and ended up getting lost.  And I don’t mean lost in the whimsical wandering sense, I mean, send out a frigging helicopter lost.  I had no idea that the RSPB Wetlands Walk turned into the Wales Coast Path and somewhere past the lighthouse I took […]