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My Friend the Crow

Sometimes I get caught up in baking something new but then lose my appetite straight after for whatever it is that I’ve made (Does anyone else get that?  Cook’s Curse, I guess…).  Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I made a loaf of banana bread that sat out on the kitchen counter for a few days half eaten.  In the end I decided that maybe the birds would like to try it instead, so I broke it up and threw it out into the garden.  A crow was first on the scene and I watched closely as he gobbled up a few pieces and then picked up the rest in his beak and flew away.

So my friendship with the crow began.  He comes back everyday for breakfast and will often just sit up in the tree watching us hang out in the kitchen.  I called him Ragnar (I’m a little obsessed with the TV show Vikings, don’t cha know?).  I hide bits of food under an old coconut half just for him, and he’s clever enough to flip it over with his beak, take the food and then flip it back. 🙂

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