Forest Farm

Here’s another place I had no idea existed until recently when I stumbled across Geraint Parry’s Instagram account (which is full of the most gorgeous pictures of Owls and Kingfishers).  Forest Farm is wedged somewhere between the busy Coryton Interchange, Whichurch and ASDA and seems to be Cardiff’s best kept secret when it comes to spotting wildlife.  The entrance is so well hidden that we drove past it twice without even realising – but we were so glad when we finally found the path 🙂

Despite being so close to the M4 it’s so quiet and still there; only the sound of the river and bird chatter (…and me whistling up at the trees pretending to be Katniss Everdeen…!) 
We saw lots of Robins… (….papped by hubs – can’t take credit for his sharp-shooting!)

Ever so often you’ll find a stump where someone has left a pile sunflower seeds or pellets, so taking a seat and snapping away at passing birds is very easy 🙂

Further along there are some huts looking out onto the waterway – the ideal spot to stake out Kingfisher apparently.  We didn’t see any though (too impatient!), just this chirpy looking mallard!

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