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Hang Fire Southern Kitchen

So, it turns out relocating from London to Cardiff is tough. Last Saturday we finally began the monstrous task of moving all our boxes of crap stuff (all 62 of them…) from the storage locker – where they’ve sat untouched for the past four months – to our new house. We carted four trolley-loads down from the top floor, had an IKEA-style argument in the carpark as to how to fit it all into our car, drove it all the way across Cardiff only to unpack it all and find out that a box of broken appliances had somehow managed to migrate with us down the M4 when they should have gone in the bin back in London. Pfft.

But. Luckily, I had an inkling that this was all going to be a massive ball ache three weeks ago and deciding that we’d need a perk up to get us through I booked us a table at the already legendary Hang Fire Southern Kitchen in Barry for lunch. 🙂 


All that unboxing built up a pretty tidy appetite, so when this beautiful, beast of a burger landed in front of me taking the perfect picture of it in all its glory was the last thing on the menu. I snapped, then I scoffed without a second thought. The smoky, meaty juice ran down my hand (the smell lingered on my fingertips for the rest of the afternoon and actually, that wasn’t a bad thing AT ALL) and “stay all day” lipstick should come with a caviat that suggests it doesn’t apply to lip-licking, barbecue sauce smirking burger and ribs-based adventures.

We happily chowed down to the sound of Johnny Cash and Dolly Parton tucked away in a booth surrounded by the bare bricks of the pump house, pictures of American adventures and beneath string fiesta lights…

This Barbecue Sauce. Oh my. I’ve reserved a spot for it inside my new kitchen cupboards – but until then we’ll just have to head back to Hangfire to get our meat and Cue-fix. 🙂

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[…] In terms of beaches, you can’t go wrong with Barry Island. It’s had a bit of a makeover recently, and these days I’m down there most weekends when the sun is shining. The main beach is on Whitmore Bay, but if you’ve got dog be aware that they’re not allowed on the beach itself during the summer months (dogs are allowed on the beach at Jackson’s Bay, which is a short walk around the corner). Other than swimming and sunbathing, there’s the pleasure park (and the big wheel) and plenty of arcades to shed your coppers for prizes. There’s Marcos and Bay Five for coffees and light lunches, O’Sheas for Fish and Chips, and just off the Island is the amazing Hangfire Southern Kitchen. […]


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