Driving along winding roads past far-off fields full of sheep, overtaking tractors and travelling through quiet Welsh villages full of pastel-coloured terraced houses, car conversation always seems to steer in the  same direction and to the same question. “Could you live in the middle of nowhere? Isolated, like this?”

Before London I’d have scoffed and said no way. After London? You know what? Yeah. I think I could. Especially if it was a little pink house with sash windows on the edge of Llandeilo. πŸ™‚

In Wales it’s traditional to take flowers to the graves of lost family members before Palm Sunday (more on that later). For us it means a bit of a trek all the way from Cardiff to the “wilds of Wales” (read: Camarthenshire) so we always stop somewhere along the way to stretch our legs a bit and break for a cup of tea.

With sleepy streets full of pastel-coloured homes, boutiques, antique shops and cafes, Llandeilo’s changed a lot since the last time I visited – many, many, many moons ago! But it’s still typically Welsh πŸ™‚

We stopped in The Cawdor Hotel for tea and Welsh Cakes…

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It is really nice, the rooms are all a little different, there are some small ones but the bigger ones are so nice. We enjoyed sitting in front of the fire in the bar in the evening, very cliche (roaring fire, leather chairs, good whisky) but a very nice way to spend an evening! πŸ™‚

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Ah! We were sat in front of the fire (huge fireplace!!) having tea – but it was way too warm for any roaring flames that day. I loved all the vintage snaps of rural Wales up on the bar wall too πŸ™‚

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