Hot Dogs with Sweet Potato Fries

A couple of Sundays ago I dropped in on a Man vs Food marathon and suddenly had the most overwhelming craving for Hot Dogs that I’ve ever had in my life at 9pm at night.  Not ideal.  God, even as I type this I can feel it coming back…  I’m not one of those people put off by horror stories about hot dogs made from pig’s “floppy bits” (read into that however you choose to…) – I just love ’em okay?  I’ll eat a questionable hot dog, no… well, no questions asked.  But a great hot dog?  Oooh.

Instead of going out for them (I’ve heard great things about Hogwurst on North Road in Cardiff – I’ve got it in my sights, don’t worry), I made them myself – with a little help from this bottle:

This is basically a Barbecue in a Bottle.  Spin the cap and the smell that creeps out… oh my God.  It’s concentrated so you’ll only need a couple of drops (I warmed some honey in a bowl, splashed three or four drops in and then glazed the hot dogs before I cooked them), but they’ll give the meat the kind of taste it takes hours in a smoker to achieve.  If you’re a meat fiend, then this little guy’s going to be your new best friend.

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