The Terrarium Test

I’ve killed a lot of plants in the past.  Full on planticide.  There was the weird looking one I had on my windowsill as a kid… but it didn’t flower so I neglected it until it shrivelled and dried out (it was a Cactus, by the way.  Yep.  A Cactus dried out.).  Then there was the pink Gerbera called Fred that I adopted in Uni to keep me company while I wrote at my desk.  He came a cropper in the car on the way home at the end of term.  I am officially an Ocimum Basilicum serial killer; Basil plants shake at the roots when I bring them home to sit on my kitchen windowsill.

I actually really love having plants around, and would like to think I’m green fingered deep down.  I’m actually much, much better than I used to be thanks to a good run with a few Orchids (all alive to date…!) and a green fingered friend keeping a watchful eye (Call it Plant Parole).  Anyway, I was so confident that I decided to give Cacti a go again and get a little Terrarium started up 🙂

You’ve probably seen these Geometric-Style Terrariums everywhere at the moment.  I must have seen so many of them on Pinterest that something subliminally clicked and I suddenly had to have one.  I picked this one up in Sainsbury’s in their seasonal aisle, but you don’t have to hunt very hard to find them elsewhere.

Cacti and Succulents are actually reasonably cheap; I picked up all of these (including this very cool-looking, spiky Haworthia) for under £5 at our local garden centre.

Hopefully they’ll all like their new home sitting on top of the trunk in my lounge… If not, check back here for their obituary in a few weeks time..!  🙂

5 thoughts on “The Terrarium Test

  1. A week on and they’re still alive, I think! The cactus actually looks like it’s about to flower as well. But, it’s only been a week!


    1. Hi there 😊 I picked up the terrarium from Sainsbury’s a while back, but I’ve seen similar geometric ones from Marks and Spencer, Homesense and I think I even saw one in H&M home. I used humus rich compost, picked up the plants from my local garden centre and then used some pebbles to finish.

      Thanks for commenting!


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