Over the Bridge

Hot House

I’m definitely becoming more and more of a Pamela Isley-esque crazy plant lady these days.  And they don’t even have to be flowering plants.  Yes, I’ll always be a sucker for a bunch of roses, but these days I’m more likely to gush over bright green leaves than blossoming buds.  Our new house is slowly becoming home to a whole family of succulents and cacti, as well as a palm tree, a pepper plant and various orchids.  I’m technically not a plant mother, but actually a plant grandmother since my Cacti went to fruit and spawned a litter of baby cacti.

But oh no, that’s not enough!  There are so many corners and surfaces that I find myself glaring at on occasion thinking, ‘There’s not enough photosynthesis going on there,’ as you do (or don’t, if you happen to be a normal human being…).  I’d be quite happy to turn our house into a great big greenhouse like the hot house at Hall Place where these pictures were taken a couple of weeks ago. 🙂

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