Spicy Crayfish Linguine with Spinach and Ricotta

This is one of those really simple pasta recipes that looks like you’ve made a big effort, when actually you’ve just boiled some water and thrown a hodge-podge of ingredients into a pan.  All you need is some linguine, crayfish tails (I bought these pre-cooked ones from Lidl which worked a treat, though I’m sure there are better options out there), a handful of spinach and cherry tomatoes, some chilli flakes, garlic and ricotta.

Warm a large pan with some olive oil and butter and then gently heat the garlic.  Throw in the tomatoes and chilli until soft and saucy.  Next add a little Ricotta (too much and sauce will go a bit stodgy), then the crayfish tails and the spinach and keep it all on a low heat while you make up the pasta.

Once the pasta’s cooked, mix it in with the sauce and tada!  Easy peasy.

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