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On My Dressing Table

I am absolutely LOVING having a dressing table.  Back in the flat I made do with a tiny box shelf in the cupboard (cluttered, dark and dusty!) so upgrading to a table, with a mirror and space to hold all my junk feels very posh and ladylike.  Honestly?  It seems a little selfish and bit vain to devote a whole corner of our bedroom to my split ends and poor complexion – I’m over the moon Sunny actually agreed to it when truthfully we probably could have shared the space and used it for something else – but hey, I’ll take it 🙂

All our bedroom furniture (minus the bed) is the Brusali series from IKEA.  My dressing table I think is actually supposed to be a desk – but it does the job and was a steal at £40.  It’s a sort of frosty white/grey colour and has three shelves for storage where I hold all my makeup and hair accessories in plastic tubs.

Here’s one of my favourite photographs of me and my family; we had it taken on a whim a few years back in this tiny gold town in California called Columbia.  Next to it I’ve got this scented candle from Tesco for £1 (TAKE THAT NEOM).
Our new home is really warm so I’ve gotten used to wearing a lighter dressing gown around.  I bought this old Kimono from Primark years and years ago.  It’s a bit battered, but I love it.
I keep the jewellery I wear most often on top; my engagement ring, my crown ring and my watch from ASOS (ASOS do some really nice, quirky watches for around £20).  I also bought this one a while back, where the rabbits and the carrot tick around the face every second. 🙂

Having fresh flowers constantly sitting on my dressing table is a luxury I’m not going to fund – but I couldn’t resist picking up these Peonies the other day. 🙂
I’m not really a big perfume lover.  I’m really, really fussy.  Chloe Eau de Roses is my all time favourite; it’s the only perfume I’ve ever repurchased and if I had to pick one perfume to wear every day until forever, it would be this one.

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