I’ve been drinking tea for a looooong time.  I mean, I can’t remember the first cup, but my Mum was definitely serving me up a mug every morning before I went off to Primary School.  One day however, and for whatever reason, my Dad was put in charge of making my morning of tea.  That was the morning I first tried coffee.  I didn’t like it then and I still don’t like now.  But I wish I did, because I absolutely love the smell of proper coffee – there’s something really warming about it.  These days Tiramisu is as close as I’ll ever get to ingesting coffee, and it’s really easy to make 🙂

All you need is: A pot of double cream and a tub of Mascarpone, 300 ml of strong coffee (whether you use granulated coffee or the leftovers from a pot of fresh coffee like I did is up to you, either will work fine), some lady fingers and amaretti (judge how many you’ll need based on the size of the tin you’re going to use to hold it all), some chopped/grated chocolate, and about 75ml of booze.
Traditionally I think you’re supposed to use Marsala, but I found this bottle of coffee flavoured Ouzo at the back of the cupboard.  A random souvenir from a trip to Rhodes a few years ago 😉  Tia Maria would work just as well I think.
Mix your double cream, mascarpone and chosen booze in a bowl until it’s all combined and looks as though it’s been whipped.  Then it’s just a case of layering everything up!  Dunk the lady fingers and amaretti into the coffee, then add a layer of the cream mix – repeat!  Once you reach the top scatter chopped chocolate pieces and crushed amaretti to finish. 🙂

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