Fforest Fawr

If you’re not a Welsh speaker then allow me to translate.  Fforest Fawr means “Big Forest”.  Well, whoever was given the honour of naming the vast woodland that sprawls and stretches out beyond Castell Coch (much like me in bed on a Sunday morning) got it spot on.  If anything it’s fawr iawn (very big).  You could get lost for hours and hours following the trails zigzagging between the trees, but luckily I love getting lost 🙂

We followed the (lower) Red Trail from the car park which took us along a muddy path between ferns and past toadstools.  The red trail swings around past caves and old mines eventually and then on to the statue walk.

Deep in the forest we began to smell the scent of smoke; of wood burning.  When we spotted a sign to the Forest Tea Room pointing away from the path, we decided to follow it.

We stopped in for a cup of tea and some soup and sat outside in a spot where the sun was creeping through the trees.  🙂

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