The Cwtch

Sofa so Good

You know you’re getting on a bit when you get as excited about a new sofa being delivered as you did about Christmas Day when you were a kid (…okay, I still get excited about Christmas Day, but you know what I mean…).  The reason for this probably has something do with the fact that sofas – who knew?! – usually take around twelve whole weeks to arrive.  But here it is, finally!  And I love it!

Buying furniture is a marriage minefield, but we seem to have got through this one relatively unscathed – which is crazy considering the fact that when it comes to personal tastes in style, Sunny pulls in one direction and I pull in the complete opposite…!  How we didn’t stumble into an explosive argument on this one is beyond me.  But hey ho, that’s marriage for you.  I think we surprised each other 🙂

We bought the sofa from Leekes and got to choose the fabric and the colour (we love grey, can’t you tell?).  I wanted to brighten it up with lots of colourful cushions and we’ve started with these two mustard ones that I got in the John Lewis sale (so many lovely cushions – but so expensive usually!).  I don’t know how many more I’ll get away with though – Sunny (and all men?) hates cushions!  Our lamp (I love lamp!) is from Marks and Spencer and the chevron patterned milking stool is from The Range.


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