Our Garden


I think this is the first year in a while where we’ve had a proper summer.  So far, anyway!  And because the weather has been so nice we’ve spent loads of time out in the garden scoffing barbecue food and just soaking in the sun like the little solar powered creatures we are.  When we moved in to our house three years ago, the back garden didn’t really exist – it was just a muddy slope.  Three years (and a lot of hard work) later and it’s finally looking good.  I mean, it’s still a work in progress, but this is the first year that a lot of the plants we put in during those early days have blossomed.  It’s definitely one of my favourite places to chill – and it’s one of Bungle’s favourite places too (although he can’t really be trusted on his own out there because he likes to dig!). 🙂

Against the back fences we planted a couple of climbing roses that finally seem to be growing!  You know me, I love roses, and so I definitely wanted some in my garden.  Luckily our soil is perfect for growing roses in, although they’re way more upkeep than I thought they’d be; they constantly need spraying to get rid of insects and fungus, and trimming back to encourage more roses.

For my birthday last year Sunny bought me these colourful hanging pots which I absolutely love!  We filled them with pansies and geraniums and it nice having a bit of extra colour on an otherwise boring brown fence. 🙂

Sofa so Good

You know you’re getting on a bit when you get as excited about a new sofa being delivered as you did about Christmas Day when you were a kid (…okay, I still get excited about Christmas Day, but you know what I mean…).  The reason for this probably has something do with the fact that sofas – who knew?! – usually take around twelve whole weeks to arrive.  But here it is, finally!  And I love it!

Buying furniture is a marriage minefield, but we seem to have got through this one relatively unscathed – which is crazy considering the fact that when it comes to personal tastes in style, Sunny pulls in one direction and I pull in the complete opposite…!  How we didn’t stumble into an explosive argument on this one is beyond me.  But hey ho, that’s marriage for you.  I think we surprised each other 🙂

We bought the sofa from Leekes and got to choose the fabric and the colour (we love grey, can’t you tell?).  I wanted to brighten it up with lots of colourful cushions and we’ve started with these two mustard ones that I got in the John Lewis sale (so many lovely cushions – but so expensive usually!).  I don’t know how many more I’ll get away with though – Sunny (and all men?) hates cushions!  Our lamp (I love lamp!) is from Marks and Spencer and the chevron patterned milking stool is from The Range.


Corners: “Al”

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since moving into the new house it’s that getting things the way you’d like them to be takes time.  You know, Rome wasn’t built in a day, blah, blah, blah.  No matter how much you visualise pictures, furniture and colours before the boxes are put away, you have to actually live within those four walls for a while to really decide what colour you’re going to paint them and which picture is going to go where.

Over three months have passed since we walked through that door, and we’ll still figuring it out.  We’re still sleeping on a mattress on the floor and would you believe it?  There’s still packing paper up on the lounge windows.  *sigh*   But hey, this is a work in progress, alright?

Here’s a little corner of our lounge that I’m liking right now.  We bought the trunk from Homesense before we moved in to house all our DVDs and the little milking/foot stool (my new favourite thing!) is from The Range.

On top of the trunk is the Sainsbury’s Terrarium I filled a while back, along with a little marble globe and “Al” – a real Alligator head that Sunny brought back from Florida once when he was a kid.  I HATED this thing when we lived in the flat, it gave me the creeps – not helped by Sunny sometimes deciding to tuck him into our bed at night before I got in.  Grr!  He doesn’t bother me as much any more though (Sunny still does, but that’s never going to change!), and I think he’s found his spot.  He’s definitely a talking point for anyone who comes in! 🙂