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In My Kitchen

→ Which three words best describe you in the kitchen?

Greedy, Experimental, Neat (when you’ve lived without a dishwasher, you learn to use the same spoon in every pot and clean as you go to avoid a mountain of washing up!)

→ Three ingredients that are always in your kitchen cupboard/fridge.

Hot sauce (Sunny practically drinks the stuff), Avocado (Yeah, yeah.  I know, *eye roll* right?) and Eggs – I hate running out of eggs!

→ Favourite Mug

During the whole moving house thing, if there’s one thing we learned it’s that we own a lot of mugs.  A  lot.  Sunny used to collect one from every city he visited and I just love mugs.  My favourite has to be this pink, “Central Perk” style mug though, which my dad says is more like a soup bowl.  But I love it.

→ What’s the strangest ingredient/utensil/whatever lurking in your kitchen?

This thing. ↑↑↑  Can you guess what it’s for?

→ Favourite breakfast.

Probably dippy eggs. 🙂

→ Favourite dessert.

Lemon Meringue.  Always.  I’ve scoffed a whole one on my own many a time.  Good times.

→ Name three kitchen utensils you couldn’t live without.

A very sharp knife, a wooden spoon (for baking), and a spatula as flat and as flexible as a yoga instructor’s stomach for flipping pancakes, quesadillas and omelettes.

→ A food you hate.

Salad Cream, Carbonara Sauce, Mayonnaise… I live in fear of the service station sandwich because they ALWAYS contain mayonnaise.  Ugh.

→ Favourite filthy food hook-up 😉

Hot dogs.  The filthier the better.

→ What food could you eat every day?

Italian food; pasta, pizza, risotto.  Nom.

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