In My Kitchen

→ Which three words best describe you in the kitchen?

Greedy, Experimental, Neat (when you’ve lived without a dishwasher, you learn to use the same spoon in every pot and clean as you go to avoid a mountain of washing up!)

→ Three ingredients that are always in your kitchen cupboard/fridge.

Hot sauce (Sunny practically drinks the stuff), Avocado (Yeah, yeah.  I know, *eye roll* right?) and Eggs – I hate running out of eggs!

→ Favourite Mug

During the whole moving house thing, if there’s one thing we learned it’s that we own a lot of mugs.  A  lot.  Sunny used to collect one from every city he visited and I just love mugs.  My favourite has to be this pink, “Central Perk” style mug though, which my dad says is more like a soup bowl.  But I love it.

→ What’s the strangest ingredient/utensil/whatever lurking in your kitchen?

This thing. ↑↑↑  Can you guess what it’s for?

→ Favourite breakfast.

Probably dippy eggs. 🙂

→ Favourite dessert.

Lemon Meringue.  Always.  I’ve scoffed a whole one on my own many a time.  Good times.

→ Name three kitchen utensils you couldn’t live without.

A very sharp knife, a wooden spoon (for baking), and a spatula as flat and as flexible as a yoga instructor’s stomach for flipping pancakes, quesadillas and omelettes.

→ A food you hate.

Salad Cream, Carbonara Sauce, Mayonnaise… I live in fear of the service station sandwich because they ALWAYS contain mayonnaise.  Ugh.

→ Favourite filthy food hook-up 😉

Hot dogs.  The filthier the better.

→ What food could you eat every day?

Italian food; pasta, pizza, risotto.  Nom.

Me and My Clothes

I would never dare call myself a fashion blogger, and unfortunately I don’t think I’ll ever be able to claim the compliment of being “well put together” (my messy mop will forever prevent that!)… but, fashion is still a huge part of who I am.  So, here’s a list about my relationship with clothes and, you know, “style” (whatever that is).

→ What’s your go-to “I don’t have anything to wear!” outfit?

Denim! I’m a skinny jeans and a T Shirt sort of girl 🙂  Sometimes the T Shirt is fancy, sometimes it’s just plain white.  My denim shirt also gets a lot of wear.  On my feet I wear my Converse on a casual day, and ballet pumps on fancier days.

→ What’s the newest item hanging in your wardrobe?

I bought a summer trilby from Sainsbury’s TU range a few weeks ago (above) for £8 (bargain!).  It wasn’t exactly a purchase in the name of style though – my hair’s so fine that my scalp burns in the sun.  You know you’re getting older and wiser when you start buying things out of necessity rather than “I want” 😉  I also bought a cute pair of penny loafers from Dorothy Perkins to replace a pair I wore to death last summer.

→ What do you do with the clothes you don’t wear anymore?

I’m a natural hoarder.  When I was a kid my Mum would threaten to go into my room with a black bag if I didn’t tidy it up – which always worked (Thanks Mum).  In the past I’ve had vacuum bags full of clothes that I never wore bursting under the bed!  When I moved house I gave a lot of old clothes away to charity though, which felt good.  Sometimes you’ve got to let it go.

→ What’s your “Netflix and Chill” outfit?

Yoga pants and a hoodie.  Sometimes I skip them and head straight for the pajamas though!  I have been known to nip to the shops in my PJs; the local Lidl’s used to seeing me at my absolute finest.

→ What’s your favourite item of clothing?

At the moment?  My old denim jacket.  My Mum bought it for me when I was about twelve or thirteen on a trip to London so it’s going on seventeen years old.  It drowned me out back then, and honestly, it’s still a little big – but I love it 🙂

→ What do you wear to bed?

PJs and comfy T shirt.

→ Where are your favourite places to buy clothes?

H&M (that place has been hooking me up since I was 15!), Zara, ASOS, Forever 21 and small independent shops for quirky, individual pieces 🙂

→ How often do you buy clothes?

Eeep.  Back in London definitely once a month, sometimes more.  I’d spend on clothes when I was bored or unhappy and often I’d shop speculatively – you know, buy something that I might wear or that I thought would be handy to have but then end up never wearing at all.  These days I’m much, much better at making use of what I’ve got and only buying things that I need.  Since moving I think I’ve only bought maybe two or three things.

→ What specific items of clothing do you hate shopping for?

Jeans.  Ugh.  Actually, trousers full stop.  All the different leg lengths and styles… it’s too intense!

→ Are there any clothes or styles that you avoid?

Metallics, leggings, body-con…  I think they can look great, but they’re not for me!  I used to wear a lot of body-con, but nowadays I don’t feel the need to show off my figure.  Also, I recently found that I’ve got a weird allergy to Pleather (among other things; my skin’s notoriously fussy).

→ Comfort or Style?

Comfort, always.  If you wear something stylish that makes you feel uncomfortable, it shows.  Sometimes simple things are the most stylish.

→ Is there anything you’ve bought that friends and family turned their noses up at?

I once bought silver stiletto boots in a sale.  God, they were awful!  I have no idea what possessed me to buy them and even today that purchase is still a source of ridicule!  Nowadays?  I LOVE patterned shirts and blouses, the stranger the better.  I have one with cacti all over it, and a mermaid print one that I absolutely adore. 🙂