Five Questions to ask yourself when you lose the will to Blog

A couple of Sundays ago I was curled up on the sofa catching up on a bit of Mr Robot with the hubs when I realised that – for pretty much the first time since I started this whole blogging malarkey – I didn’t have a post scheduled for Monday morning. I’ve strictly stuck to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule since November, always making sure I was scheduled a week ahead, and up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t found it that difficult. But bam! Out of nowhere I found myself lagging behind. Funnily enough, I think Sunny was more stressed about it than I was (he’s more into page views and numbers than I am – weird), “What are you going to write about?” he asked, and despite having a whole stock of ideas for just such an emergency, I just shrugged.

Friday came and went. Nothing went up. The likelihood is that nobody really noticed. But I did, and it bothered me.

Let’s be clear. This is not writer’s block… it’s more like I’ve suddenly run out of steam.  I’m all out of motivation not just to blog, but to keep up with the promotional side that’s all part and parcel of the whole blogging game. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a blast. Blogging is great fun, albeit a lot of hard work. But, I think every blogger reaches that point – probably in the first year – where they suddenly get fed up and question what they’re doing, why they’re doing it and how their little corner of the online world fits into the ever growing blogging “community”…or not.

So these are the questions banging around in my head as I try to get my blogging mojo back.

1. Why did I start Blogging?

You know what it’s like; there’s that initial spark – that rush of excitement – when you first start blogging. Setting up your blog is a lot like decorating your first apartment, and those first comments, likes and follows give you that buzz and the validation to power on and keep doing your thing. Then, a few months down the line you’re exhausted. You’re buffering posts like crazy and scheduling your dinner around Twitter chats and have completely forgotten why you even started in the first place. Asking why you became a blogger should help realign your focus to what matters most and work out what your blogging “reason d’etre” is.

2. What do I want to get out of this?

Definitely linked to question one; asking yourself what you’re hoping to get out of blogging might help create some goals to work towards.

3. What kind of Blogger am I?

As soon as you start blogging it’s easy to feel like you’re a very small fish in a very big pond. It’s er… a bit crowded, let’s be honest. You start comparing yourself to other bloggers and then you might even start adjusting what you write about to suit what everyone else is writing. I recently came to the honest conclusion that when it comes to blogging, I’m a square peg in a round hole (not that’s a bad thing..!). I’m a thirty year old with split ends who cares far more about that little avocado seed sprouting on her windowsill and history books about dead people than about rose gold sunglasses and NARS sheer glow.  #Luxelife I most definitely am not. I’m just not that kind of blogger and if I tried to be, I wouldn’t enjoy it. When I started out I unknowingly branded myself as a mud-loving, welly-wearing writer, and that’s who I need to stay true to. It’s 100% likely there will be people of there who don’t want to read about that, and would probably rather read about rose gold sunglasses than my muddy walk. Oh well. You can’t win ’em all. The lesson? Write as if no one’s reading. 🙂

4. Do I need to make a change?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling you need to change something. Maybe there’s something that’s just not working. Maybe you’ve been sticking to a three day schedule and just can’t keep up. Maybe you’ve started a series that just isn’t working out how you thought it would and you’re sooo ready to ditch it. Maybe you’re bored of your layout, your photography. Maybe you’re fed up of WordPress and want to move over to Blogger, or vice versa. Change is good.

5. Do I need a break?

Sometimes you just need to take a step back. For me, I was sick of the promotion side of blogging and felt like I needed a break from it. Twitter chats had begun to infuriate me because I started to feel like I was just answering the same question over and over again. The whole point was to “connect” with other bloggers but for me it had suddenly felt like I was just regurgitating the same answers to the same questions and getting the same “YES THIS” response over and over again. I actually turned my phone off (for real, the actual off button) when one chat asked what I’d do if my Instagram account got deleted. Umm… I’d live? I was ready to type out 100 characters of full on snark. That was my wake up call. I was  bored and fed up and needed a break.

What do you do when you lose the will to blog? 🙂

16 replies on “Five Questions to ask yourself when you lose the will to Blog”

Thanks for this post – I’ve been feeling a little like this for a couple of weeks. I think it’s a bit like, I get a holiday from my *actual* job, I need a holiday from my blog-job. I literally just need a break. 🙂 Still absolutely bloody adore blogging, but I need a quick breathe – in and out!


A quick breather is definitely needed from time to time. For me it’s the social media side of things that’s driving me nuts – all the promotion etc is wearing me out!


Love love love your post and I can totally relate to it. I seriously hate the promotion side of the blogging too. I have a love-hate relationship with social media seriously. Blogging is my hobby but society has put so much pressure on this whole concept that it can be suffocating at times and take the fun out of it. Sigh! I’ve taken a break from instagram now ..twitter might follow and we shall see how it will go for the blog. I love writing and photography and being my creative self…but sometimes….ugh…LOL…I just continue what I’m doing without a specific plan ..I guess that makes it more fun. People forget about the fun of blogging and made it all about money now…sad..but true.. very nice post!! XO-JEY


Thank you 🙂 You’re right, it’s the writing and the photography – the creative side – that’s the best bit about blogging and I think when we get pulled away from that it can be really frustrating!

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Thank you! I feel like this regularly. I keep having to remind myself that I didn’t start this for page views. I started it because I wanted to write! This was a great reminder and great timing too. I haven’t written anything in a while either.

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Glad you liked! Same, I started because I just wanted a place for all my interests online – not for page views and likes. It’s so easy to get swept up in that and forget why we started 🙂


I’ve started again today (for the third time). First two goes were trying to get a bit of steam behind a flash fiction effort. Yup, I’m one of those people. This time round it’s a mixture of work (academic stuff around libraries, digital, architecture) and creative writing. I think I’ve finally got to a place where my hobby actually compliments my chosen career!

Anyway, my mindset now is that I won’t chase clicks. I’m taking a year away from academia to focus on fiction and will use my blog to keep up to speed with both sides of the equation, keep myself doing that “research” thing I’ve been hammering away at for four years. Maybe I’ll get sick of it, but it’ll be a useful way for me to organise my thoughts, if nothing else.

I guess my point is, don’t make a treadmill out of your interests. If that doesn’t sound too patronising 🙂

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This is my third attempt. I go through this sort of phase with creative writing pursuits too sometimes. When I’m desperately focused on publishing it becomes a chore, when it’s just for the hell of it, it’s great fun 🙂


I had a look through my old blog posts this week and it was really nice just to see what I was up to this time last year and that’s why I do this. I gave up on the social media promotion other than a tweet here and there as it was just taking all the fun out of it. I was worried that I would miss out on connecting with other bloggers, but luckily that’s not been the case as the promotion stuff wasn’t really connecting and twitter chats just felt a little forced and repetitive. I really enjoyed your post, and always enjoy reading your blog even though this is the first time I’ve commented haha! x

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Aw thanks 🙂

Yeah, twitter chats in the beginning were a great way to meet a lot of blogger’s really quickly but I think after a while typing out the same “just do you!” answer to the same question gets boring. I think I’ll drop in occasionally if the topic interests, but for the most part – like you said – it’s taking the fun out of it.


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