Poke Bowl

If you read that title as “Poké Ball” then I’ve got news for you, my friend. You’ve been playing a lil’ too much Pokemon Go. We’re not talking about the little red and white ball you’ve been using to stash that Jigglypuff you caught round the back of ASDAs – although funnily enough it’s pronounced in exactly the same way – we’re talking about Hawaiian Fish Salad.

“Poke” means “cut into pieces” in Hawaiian, and refers to the little pieces of fresh fish (Tuna, Salmon, Octopus) that make up the dish – which is basically, whatever you want it to be.  As long as you’ve got the fish, rice and salad you can adapt as you like.  I marinated tuna steak in a Teriyaki sauce (Mirin and Soy Sauce) and a shot of Malibu for an afternoon and then fried them for a couple of minutes on both sides with some sesame seeds.  I added boiled rice, chopped pineapple, spring onions, lime juice and sliced avocado and then drizzled some soy sauce over everything to finish.  🙂  Yum!

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