Dyffryn House & Gardens

I’m going to hold my hands up here and come clean; I’d never been to Dyffryn until last weekend.  Yeah, yeah, I know!  I knew it existed, but I had no idea how close to Cardiff it was.  Tucked away just off the edge of Culver House Cross – and yet invisible from all main roads – it’s easy to forget it exists and miss it.  But maybe that’s part of what makes it so special – and it really is special.  It reminds me a little bit of Misselthwaite Manor from the Secret Garden – a huge Edwardian Manor (that’s seen better days, it has to be said), and sprawling gardens hiding plenty of secret corners and places to explore. 🙂

Although the house is open to explore, a lot of the rooms – with collapsing ceilings and uneven floorboards – are being slowly renovated.  But that’s all part of the charm, and the rooms that are open are really lovely.  Built by the Cory family, it’s a relic of the coal industry.  I couldn’t help having a go of the parlour piano… but there were so many people around I ended up ballsing up my favourite piece.  Oh well.  I can do it when I’m on my own!  😦

Every day over the summer (…not sure what their fate is when Autumn and Winter arrives….!) you can watch the Oxford and Sandy Black pigs being fed at 3pm 🙂


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