Dachshund Dunkers

I need to just stop buying every unusual cookie cutter that I stumble across (…and you thought the Lobster one was weird…).  I think I must be subconsciously channeling some inner grandma who’s mission is to have the most diverse cookie cutter collection on the planet – y’know, just in case a situation arises where Dachshund-shaped cookies are 100% necessary.  Meh, Tuesdays perhaps?  Whatever.  Anyway, I picked this lil’ cutter up on a visit to Brighton because who doesn’t love a sausage dog?  And also, I had a sneaky suspicion they’d make great tea dunkers – and they do! 🙂

I used my go-to sugar cookie recipe, but adapted it slightly; I halved the quantities, added 2 tablespoons of drinking chocolate powder, and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon.  Then, once they’d baked and cooled I decorated them with chocolate icing 🙂

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