My October

I LOVE October.  I think it’s my favourite Autumn month because the winter gloom hasn’t quite descended yet, it’s not too cold (gottta love those crisp and sunny October mornings and final bursts of summer), there are still a few flowers and the trees start to turn… oh, and Halloween, obviously!  🙂

→ The best thing I ate

Come on, what about these cute Dachshund cookies?

→ Favourite Adventure

I roped in my brother and his girlfriend for a trip to Escape Reality – one of the newest Escape Room games in Cardiff (we only just escaped – we were a bit useless!  But it was a lot of fun :-)).  Sunny and I travelled to Madeira for a couple of weeks – our first proper holiday since our honeymoon back in 2013.  We explored Funchal, had some solid beach time and explored the mountains.  Stay tuned for details! 🙂

→ Discovery

Vitapointe Leave-In Conditioner.  My hair gets really dry, very easily – especially at the ends – and I’ve tried so many different products (…some expensive too) trying to get it feeling a little less like straw.  Apparently it’s something that’s been around for years, but I spotted it on the shelf in Tesco and thought – for £2 – I’d give it a go.  Turns out, IT’S MAGIC.

→ Celebration

My brother’s girlfriend turned 22 so I made her a special Choux Bun Birthday Cake (…a pile of Choux Buns and Donut Balls basically…).

→ Clothes

The weather was a bit odd at the start of October.  Whenever I decided to wear a scarf the weather pulled a mini heatwave out the bag and whenever I braved it without a coat I froze.  Plus, by the time it was cold enough for coats and scarves we were out in Madeira anyway.

→ TV

I’ve watched way too much Parks and Recreation this month.  I pretty much binged through the entire series on Amazon Prime.  I am Leslie Knope – including the dangerous sugar addiction, awkwardness and useless historical knowledge – and I’m totally fine with that.

How was your October?

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