Everything Else

My November

My November’s been a busy one.  We only got back from Madeira during the first week, and then a couple of days after Bonfire Night I went down with the flu and ended up spending three days in bed accumulating snotty tissues.  Bleugh!

→ The best thing I ate

One of these Salted Caramel Brownies from The Chock Shop at Cardiff Christmas Market.  Nom.  I also made this mallow cake for my brother’s birthday.

→ Celebration

So. Many. Birthdays.  Sunny turned 31 and I took him Go-Karting to celebrate.  Then my no-so-little-anymore brother turned 28, and then it was my turn on the 17th.  I spent my twenties fearing my thirties with a passion, but so far being a thirty-something totally trumps being a twenty-something 🙂

→ Book

Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee – such a beautiful book (a brick too!), perfect for cold Autumn nights 🙂

→ TV

Good Girls Revolt.  Argh, so good!!!  I watched it on Amazon Prime, but I’m sure it’s available elsewhere.  If you love Mad Men and Masters of Sex then you’ll lap this one up.  It’s about a group women working at a newspaper in New York in 1969/70.  They work in “the pit” as researchers for male journalists – often doing the work for them and writing copy only to never get a byline.  The newspaper doesn’t allow women to write.  The series follows three very different women who fight to be recognised for their talents and is all about the women’s rights movement.  Plus it’s got Anna Camp (Pitch Perfect and True Blood) in it who I absolutely love.  Definitely one to check out.

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