Far Away

Nacional v Sporting Lisbon

I don’t think we went to a restaurant in Madeira where football wasn’t playing on a TV in the corner.  Not a massive surprise; this is the country that gave the world Cristiano Ronaldo after all.  Anyway, while we were staying in Funchal we got the chance to go and see his home team – Nacional – play Sporting Lisbon.  It involved driving up some very steep, narrow and winding roads in the dark to a stadium perched on the side of a mountain and shrouded in clouds.  In all honesty, it was more Sunny’s thing than mine – it has to be said, I’m not a huge fan of football – but I was lured there with the promise of street food.  🙂

There weren’t any pie and mash shops, no burger stalls or newsagents – just one option.   Bolo do Caco com Chourico.  I had no idea about it at the time, but apparently it’s a traditional Madeiran bread that’s cooked on a stone and filled with garlic butter and other fillings – in this case, Chorizo.  It was warm, it was soft, it was lush.  If they served these at games back in the UK then I’d probably go along more often! 🙂

The game itself wasn’t exactly the most exciting of games.  Not a single goal in the whole 90 minutes!  But the Nacional fans sitting around us seemed pleased with a draw anyway, and it was interesting watching the clouds passing over the roof of the stand (the views from the stadium during the day must be amazing!).  The most exciting part for me (other than the food) was when Sunny accidentally dropped one of the peanuts he was eating into the hood of the man sitting in the row in front of him.

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