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Christmas Eve to Christmas Day

I was going start by saying that I can’t believe that Christmas is over already – but I feel like everyone always says that.  We spend so much time shopping for presents and getting this and that ready and mentally preparing ourselves and psyching ourselves up for the big day that of course it’s going to fly by.  It’s only 24 hours after all.

For me this Christmas most definitely flew by; mostly because it was the first time Sunny and I hosted the big day, so I spent most of it whizzing back and forth between the kitchen checking the turkey was okay because oh my God I was not going to mess it up.  Luckily my Mum was around to offer a second opinion on whether the turkey was cooked through or not, and I had plenty of hands ready to help when it came to washing all the pots and pans up.  It was full-on from start to finish and a hell of a lot of work, but worth it; it was amazing having all our favourite people in one room to celebrate 🙂

On Christmas Eve we had everyone over for a huge buffet and drinks.  We ate plenty, played games, listened to Christmas music and sat by the fire (…who needs a real one when you’ve got a handy app, eh?).

On Christmas morning Sunny and I opened our stockings in bed…

…And then we had two rounds of opening presents with Sunny’s family and then mine. 🙂

Sunny managed to track down a Roses de Chloe for me.  It’s my favourite perfume (which is saying something as I’m fussy as hell when it comes to the stuff) and it’s been discontinued (why?!!!!).  But meh, what ya gonna do?  I’m just going to have to go easy on this one!

My brother and his girlfriend got me this cute panda mug from Homesense, and I bought this string of clip lights to display all the instax snaps we took over Christmas 🙂

I completely forgot to take a picture of my plate piled high with turkey and pigs in blankets – but by the time it hit table after four hours spent in and out of the kitchen I was ready and raring to scoff.  Cooking Christmas Dinner isn’t hard; but getting the timings right is a bloody nightmare.  I seriously overestimated how much room I had in my oven for a start so I had to borrow my brother’s oven (lucky he only lives around the corner!) and even though I thought I’d timed everything down to the second, the turkey took it’s sweet time in the end so that plan went out the window!  Live and learn. 🙂

After dinner we had some drinks and played one long round of Cards Against Humanity.  We all learned some horrible truths about each other – and it was hilarious.  Hearing my Dad’s voice jump two octaves every time he had to read out his cards was priceless – and we laughed so hard that Sunny immediately ordered the expansion pack.

Anyway, I’ve seen my last day in the kitchen out – tonight we’re ordering a massive Indian Takeaway and braving a second round of Cards Against Humanity.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas wherever you are!  I hope you spent it with your favourite people eating plenty of bad food 🙂

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Thanks, it was a lovely Christmas 🙂 I knew hosting was going to be a lot of hard work but I had no idea how tired I was going to be after it all. Everyone went home and I just crashed out!

How was your Christmas? X

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Aww I bet it was an amazing feeling to have pulled it all off and had your family around 😊 my Christmas was lovely thank you, I made a simplified version of a Christmas dinner but only for the four of us so much less than all the prep you must have done! xx

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