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Boxing Day Walkies

I had originally been planning to velcro myself to the sofa on Boxing Day with a tub of roses balancing on my food baby, but after spending Christmas Day with my head in the oven stressing over turkey that I needed to get out!  It was frosty but fine, so we rounded up the troops and went for our usual walk from Jackson Bay to Barry Island beach.  It’s a favourite ours for spotting cute dogs and on Boxing Day there were plenty – it seemed like everyone was out for walkies!

For breakfast I mashed together all the left over Christmas veg, mixed it with fried bacon and onion and made Bubble and Squeak.  Kind of like a massive hash brown. 🙂

We skimmed stones in Jackson Bay and then walked over the cliffs to Whitmore Bay.  There were so many dogs out walking the beach – I don’t think I’ve ever seen that many in one place before!  They were all so excited to be out making friends and skittering across the sand chasing each other into the waves that they completely ignored us humans.  It was so much fun watching them race around 🙂

Had a cwtch with this little guy 🙂

Then we came home and ate the ham I’d prepared before we left – yum!

7 replies on “Boxing Day Walkies”

Sounds like a lovely way to spend Boxing Day! Bubble and squeak is so yummy, I only tried it for the first time this year haha but it was so nice! Ahahaha I love how excited all the dogs must have been to see each other for an annual catch up 😅 It looks beautiful where you went! xxx

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It’s basically just a massive hash brown – and I love those! It was so much fun watching them – they were so excited they weren’t sure what to do with themselves! 😀 x


Thanks! It’s one of my favourite spots. I’m not sure about the train to Jackson Bay – but it’s actually not that far a walk from the Barry Island Station 🙂


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