St Fagans

Last week, I went for a little walk around St Fagans with my Mum.  It was a Friday afternoon and it was very quiet and very cold.  Not that that’s a problem, there’s always an old fire roaring away in most of the buildings. 🙂  If you’re Cardiff born and bred then you’re bound to remember going on a school trip to the Museum of Welsh Life.  You’ll have probably sat in the Victorian school house and heard all about the Welsh Not, and then bought rubbers and pencils in the museum shop.

It’s not just for kids though, it’s a nice place to go for a walk now and then and see what’s new and have a chat with the exhibit staff.  They’re always bringing in new buildings from all over Wales (…still impatiently waiting on The Vulcan though!).  Between you and me, I’ve always loved the smell of St Fagans – all fire, dust and old wood.

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