Fog and Frost

The things we do to take the perfect picture, eh?  Sunny called me on his way to work on Wednesday morning and told me to get dressed, grab the camera and go take a picture of the sunrise.  It was crisp and sunny and foggy and perfect.  “You’ll regret it if you don’t!” he said.  So I did… and slipped on invisible ice three times as I made my way down the street.  And they weren’t small slips either; they were bone rattling, bum breaking slips.  Ouch.

Still, I carried on and managed to take a few pictures before I – carefully – made my way back.  I burst into tears as soon as I shut the front door.  Bruised and battered for the sake of a few photographs.  Pfft!  🙂

What’s the craziest or most painful thing you’ve done to take a picture? 🙂

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Oh nooooo! That sounds like a painful morning haha but definitely worth it for these beautiful photos ☺️ I went into the Krka Waterfall in Croatia despite being terrified of the fish and water snakes in there, just because I wanted some nice photos haha. I didn’t stay in the water for long 🙈 xx

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Awww! I’m so sorry that you hurt yourself in the process but those photographs truly are breathtaking 😭 it must’ve been freezing outside as well! Hope you’re feeling a little bit better today, do take care! ~


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